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Thursday, October 28, 2004

An email request

Today I sent an email to the Kerry/Edwards site.

With hope for a new administration and some suggestions.
I feel we employ old world thinking w/some policies and practices, while loosing sight of the basics that made us what we are.

> Our convoluted tax system needs to be canned..do away w/IRS and all parts that remain a "tax burden" because of the operating expenses..employ a flat tax..this way everybody that makes and spends money also pays(ie..illegals, pushers, churches & others who get paid under the table).
> The drug war is ludicrous..to spend all this money and lock up all who don't abide..turning the U.S. into a nation of prisons..spend the money on kids, elderly or indigent but stop wasting my tax money.
> Stop amending the Constitution for politics...keep church and state separate as intended..Government stay out religion and the church stay out of government..
Handle the gay issues like they do in Europe.. let willing partners be joined in a civil union for legal purposes and keep marriage by definition for a man & a women.
>Leave guns alone..some of the laws and amendments don't address criminal use, just blanket resrictions like the assault weapon definition..if you put a bayonet on a muzzleloader you have an assault weapon? even banning semi-autos that a lot of deer & duck hunters use..wrong approach and not the point..
>Something has to be done about our borders and immigration..when so many have gone thru the process to gain legal entry, you can't just dismiss that by giving the masses of illegals a "free pass" w/all the benefits(medical, welfare) at tax payer expense..
Why continue to give money to Mexico only to shun responsibility for their people?

I'll stop my rant now. Any consideration to these concerns will be appreciated
or just handle it and make the needed changes would be even better.
Good luck to you both Nov.2

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

All the News You Can Use

This past Sunday I spent a few hours reading message boards on Yahoo news.
You can tell what's really important by the number of posts in response to each article.
Here are a few highlights on "All the News You Can Use".

Last week there was an article "Pakistan test fires nuclear missile" and I posted a comment since I already had a post on my blog. It apparently wasn't viewed much, with only 3 comments posted.
On the other hand Ashlee Simpson's performance(or lack there of) on SNL has thousands of comments posted. These two Simpson girls must have some PR machine because I don't get it. I love music and those two ain't makin' music! What the hell is wrong with the powers that be @ SNL? Ya gotta wonder who makes the musical choices that thinks this lip syncing pop crap is acceptable. Of all the bands out there making "good music", this is what SNL serves up as entertainment. Though certainly not the first time for SNL.

Ted Rall has a nice op/ed piece about "Dubya" and reasons not to do 4 more years. This one had folks stirred up with over 1800 posted messages arguing the pro's & con's of Bush or Kerry.

There was a real goof of an article from the New York Post/Bush for America that had a lot of misinformation with about 200 message responses. Still hard to understand why anyone wants more Bush with all the info, all the screwups, all the bad decisions, and all the self serving conflicts of interest with the president and his administration.
"Dubya" could be a poster boy for pro choice.
Ol' Barb should've opted out of that pregnancy.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

No Nukes Please

What happened to A.Q. Khan after his gut wrenching apology on national TV?
Selling nuke materials and technology for money. Not an ethical dilemma; just greed without the benefit of a moral compass. Seems to becoming more common in the"sandboxes of planet earth".
Was he stoned or beheaded in public and I missed it?
Shouldn't the U.N. be taking steps to bring the criminals to justice?

There is probably an ongoing investigation to determine the who, what, when, where and why. Here's a tip; follow the money. An ongoing investigation can take some time(indefinite)or if the U.S. example is followed they will need an investigation into the investigation at the tax payers expense.

Isn't Pakistan subject to the same scrutiny and weapons inspectors when the non-proliferation treaty is violated?

I fail to comprehend the thinking behind the production of nuclear power and weapons. Why continue to produce nuclear waste without a method for safe disposal . It is called hazardous waste because of the consequences of disposal. So your options are either bury it for a thousand years or sell to some third world "bad ass wannabees" with the possibility they will build a bomb and use on you or your neighbor.
It would be more encouraging to watch humans evolve and learn from our mistakes as opposed to continue down the same bumbling path.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Campaigns and Debate

Welcome to the campaign trail. Each candidate will either fight or perform tricks for your entertainment. The media and their pundits would have you think, a fight was a brewin'. After each debate they would try to ascertain who "won".
Between the ad campaigns and the debates it seems more important to focus on events from the past. I'm disappointed when it comes down to slurs and cheap shots. I expect more from these people because of what they elude to represent. I don't want to hear them repeat the same crap over and over..ie..Kerry went to Viet Nam or that Bush couldn't be found in the Guard. I would appreciate some cold hard facts. Statistics about where we are as a country and what's next. Could you hope for an evolution of ideas and policy.
Kerry seems to feel he has to continue to defend coming back from Nam and protesting the war. Hello Bush and Swift Boat boys; free country, free speech. Love it or leave it, but get over it. These issues of the past are just more of the distractions delivered to take your mind off the point of any real issue. Bush has so much to defend during his term, it's hard to believe he would want to open the door to past screwups. Everytime I hear Bush and his people try to condone invading Iraq; I am truly amazed at the arrogance and lack of character displayed. The truth would serve them well. Alas the truth is lost on Bush, Cheney & Rice. No wonder Powell wants out.
Let's all focus on catch phases and favorite spin terms..ie..'We've turned the corner", "Weapons of Mass Destruction", Sept. 11th, "Global Test", "hard work", "America is safer". Are you used to being bombarded with commercials? It pays to advertise.
It is so hard to comprehend the amount of money raised and spent on campaigns only to flushed down the toilet for political gain. Tell me we don't have problems establishing priorities.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Business as usual politics

What does it take for people to become more aware of "business as usual politics'?
My concern is for the standards of the parties and their politicians. It feels like the basics are lost. There is no longer a need for ethics, courtesy, or employing the truth. This becomes even more apparent on the eve of an election. The people tune in to the "media circus" in the hope that someone will address the topics that concern them. Only to be overloaded with pointless PC garble from a candidate that dances around the issues. In some cases the media seems just as bad when a round table of "pundits" put their misguided spins in place.
I really wish we were facing good choices in candidates, instead of casting a vote for the lesser of 2 evils.
Bush seems lost and doesn't seem to recognize that his agenda is not shared. At first I felt Bush was doing what he thought was right (invading Iraq) even if it was wrong. I could appreciate the idea of taking the conflict off our soil.
I never have come to terms with the idea of spending all our money in Iraq with no hope of repayment from an oil rich nation. It is hard to comprehend why this administration entered into this conflict without a concise plan. This kind of thinking and lack of attention to detail should be a warning. We don't need 4 more years of this!
What we do need is to get our house in order.
>Secure our borders...
>Get this economy back on track..ie.. jobs, trade, taxes, and someone with a working calculator to monitor spending...
>deal with the disadvantaged public problems..ie..homeless, healthcare...
>and don't forget our environment. If you want a nice place to live; then take care of it...

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