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Thursday, January 20, 2005

More Bad Choices

It sometimes seems like the entire Bush administration has their own agenda and it doesn't have anything to do with the concerns of most Americans.
I am truly amazed at the LACK of accountability when talking w/politicians and especially this administration.
Dubya, Cheney and Rice..3 stand up examples of good character...NOT
When Rice refused to appear before the 9/11 committee, I thought Damn Bitch you are paid by the taxpayers of this country, get your ass in the chair and see if you can tell the truth!
And now here comes Gonzales!!!
I watched as Gonzales was questioned about his Torture Memo and repeatedly couldn't recall any details.
It looks like Dubya and his trainers have almost finished teaching Gonzales to dance.
You can't have an Attorney General that cow-tows to the President's agenda or whims.
Gonzales seems to fit right in(the shifty eyed little greaser) just like Dubya, Cheney and Rice.

Can't or won't own up. Can't or won't tell the truth.

Condi may be well educated but she is still a dumbass.
Those ballet lessons really paid off. She continues to dance around the questions that are asked w/non answers.
She has some deluded loyalty issues along w/this administration.
Again when she refused to appear before 9/11 committee, I felt she really showed her true colors. These investigations cost time and money and as a member of Government the people have a right to expect specific performance from them.
She DOES NOT deserve this new position.
If past performance was considered she should have been fired.
I applaud Boxer and Biden for asking tougher questions in an effort to interrupt "business as usual politics".
Kerry almost even showed some focus and backbone.
Those other Senators make me sick w/all gratuitous back slapping and butt kissing.

Rice needed to be GRILLED.
"Impuning her integrity"..Not hardly..
That dizzy bitch wouldn't know integrity if it bit her on the ass.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

The Politics of Labels

When reading articles and message boards I find it somewhat distracting from the point when the author or respondent begins using labels to describe another with a differing opinion.
IE....left, right,dem, neocon, etc etc..
I do tend to get lost in all the rhetoric.
Sometimes making it difficult for me to digest the topic.

This leaves me wondering where do I fit in ?
What label should apply to me ?
In past elections I tend to think of myself as independent.
I don't follow one party with any allegiance.
Though it appears I may have missed the point. The candidates will follow the lead or that common thread that connects them to a party; regardless of any grandstanding, speeches or promises made in the heat of the moment.
I really need a scorecard or something that offers direction in the search for truth. (truth, politics..Yeah right)

I'll give it a go..
Left refers to democrat(or sometimes center left)...supporters> working class(labor unions), minority ethnic groups...more liberal prefers social issues..welfare, jobs, gay rights, reproductive rights, multi-cultural...
Right refers to republican(or sometimes center right)..supporters> big business, religious groups, rural America ..more conservative prefers to preserve traditional policies...
Religious right is against abortion and homosexuality..generally support right wing economics, privatization, deregulation and the elimination of social programs...
Liberal usually signifies independent of party, open minded and non traditional...
Libertarian refers those against funded social programs, few government functions other than military and limited government regulation of business...
Green party has 4 pillars of concern..
..Ecology-raising environmental awareness
..justice w/social responsibility
..democracy and appropriate decision making

My concerns are that government gets too big and then out of control.
You know like w/the IRS and w/social programs like welfare.
It really bugs me the thought of some fat ass momma getting pregnant "again" to work the system and increase the amount of her monthly check.
This plan will also include the health care for the "won't work but will eat" breeder and her pups.
All the while kids starve living on the streets and old people can't afford their meds.
The public and businesses have to held accountable for the state of our environment.

I may be stuck somewhere between Green and Libertarian.


Saturday, January 08, 2005

Presidential Immigration Amendment

I don't think we should keep amending the constitution w/the whims of change.
Politics and opinion are subject to change and not reason enough for an amendment.
The foresight the sculptors of our Constitution had was amazing.
Before monkeying w/another amendment we should consider the population explosion in other countries and our current problems w/immigration.
Europe is inundated w/Muslims and they are concerned the natives and their identity will be lost in the meld.
As others have pointed out we have the same problem w/Mexico.
When the landscape goes from diversity to domination, the native species may feel threatened.
This happens in nature and threatens the integrity of the existing environment. This is demonstrated in the European starling or Africanized honeybee.
Species that don't belong and threaten the quality of life as we know it. Some were introduced and some snuck in..

I watched as Gonzales was questioned about his Torture Memo; repeatedly couldn't recall any details.
It looks like Dubya and his trainers have almost finished teaching Gonzales to dance.
Gonzales seems to fit right in (the shifty eyed little greaser) just like Dubya, Cheney and Rice.
Can't or won't own up. Can't or won't tell the truth.

Makes me wonder if Arnold could do any worse.

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