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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nero fiddles as Rome burns...

It has a been a month since the Deepwater Horizon platform exploded, burned, sank and began spewing oil into the Gulf. This has become a huge disaster with no end in sight.
It feels as if Nero fiddles as Rome burns.
A big part of the problem began with Dick Cheney's secret energy meetings that let the oil companies dictate policy and forgo a $500k part. A part that would serve as a fail-safe in the event of a breach.
An event like we are watching now.

BP apparently had no back back up plan. The Department of the Interior and it's substandard bastard child the Mineral Management Service apparently has no back up plan either.
@MMS.gov...Planning, Preparedness, Response & Resources... BULLSHIT!!!
The rules were broken and the scientists warnings were ignored.

This scenario is so typical of our Governments inability to respond in a crisis. Time goes by and nothing happens. They don't plan ahead and display the reflexes of a snail. We have seen this before in the Gulf with Hurricane Katrina. Had they planned ahead and the Army Corp of Engineers employed a decent system of levees, part of the catastrophe might have been avoided. But the response displayed how completely inept they can be.

I can't believe that the Navy or some other organization doesn't have a submarine, a bathysphere or some kind of an underwater robot to go down and plug the freakin' well!
Billions of dollars wasted by the Pentagon on war birds like the Osprey but they don't have sub that can handle this.
Kinda like one of those situations when we are told they are fighting over there to keep us safe over here. We are not being protected nor are we safe. The enemy is within...


Here is a map of the coastal wildlife areas threatened in the Gulf.
from Defenders of Wildlife...
Looking at this map of the coast you have to wonder, who in their right mind thinks it's OK to drill in the Gulf putting all of these wildlife refuges at risk?
Yet they are still considering drilling in Alaska.
There must be a butt-load of soulless cretins in Washington.

What were the crimes committed in the Gulf and will ANYBODY be held accountable?
Damn I hope so... (fingers crossed)


Pictures as BP's oil disaster reaches the shore @ boston.com..

from Democracy Now...

BP Oil Spill Confirmed as Worst in US History

Now what?

BP Admits Top-Kill Failed
from MoJo...
"BP and the Coast Guard announced that they have stopped the top-kill procedure in a press conference Saturday evening, the 40th day of the Gulf disaster. "We have been unable to overcome the flow from the well,"..."

"...this is a vile mega disaster..."

just when you think you've had enough... THERE'S MORE!

Monday, May 10, 2010

On the outside looking in...

"The United Nations is beyond reform... It has to be reinvented"

Sounds good, let's try that here in the US. Our government has become broken & corrupted.

This interview from Democracy Now with the former UN General Assembly President Miguel d'Escoto is very telling. We need to be more aware.

This comment by Father d'Escoto is sad but true and very humiliating..
"Within the Security Council, there are five countries that have veto power. But without a doubt, the most influential country in the United Nations is the United States. And it’s really, really amazing the most warmongering country in the history of mankind is put there in charge to make sure that there is peace. "

Now here we have transparency, the neocon mutherfukers that stand before you beating their chests, proclaiming their patriotism, repeating words that are used to generate fear such as 'the War on Terror' or '9/11'. Lying ass criminal opportunistic corporate politicians, you've seen them, you've heard them, you should know them and we should remove them from positions of power.
These warmongering politicians are the problem!

We cannot afford to be so 'cavalier' in regards to our foreign policy. We must be more aware of how the world views our invasive and aggressive actions. Intelligence agencies tell us that we are subject to 'blowback' from others that suffer as a result of our invasions and occupations.
No shit?

Our government is controlled by corporate interests, that is no secret. Eisenhower warned us of the threat from a military industrial complex but I'm not sure if he also realized a threat from big oil, coal companies, big banks, health insurance companies and agriculture conglomerates. Across the board a total disregard for healthy people, a clean sustainable environment and the economy. Everything sacrificed at the alter of blatant glutinous greed.
Ironic that the lack of ethics & morality displayed is in search of a dollar, a dollar that ain't worth the paper it's printed on because of a federal banking system fraught with collusion & fraud.

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