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Monday, March 23, 2009

The Big Rippoff

People in the US and around the world should be mad a hell. AIG and most of the big banks are ripping us off. Through bad management, stupid decisions and greed these wizards of finance have managed to gut our 401s/403s and the like. Apparently that is not enough as the robber barons have determined these institutions are too big to fail.
The US taxpayer must bail them out. IE..Privatize profits and Socialize the loses..

The fundamentals of the argument wanting to bailout these failing companies is absurd. Absurd is the twisted logic behind paying bonuses to people for doing a piss poor job.
Do they really need to be told that you don't get rewarded for derailing the stock market and nearly destroying the company you work for?

The people that caused these financial problems should not be your first choice when putting together an administration. Obama needs a wake up call.
His 'team' is full of bad choices.
Tim Geithner and Larry Summers are as bad as Hank Paulson. These appointments are part of a bigger problem in Washington. You don't put the fox in charge of the henhouse.
Just how stupid do you have to be to think guys like these are going to do anything to CORRECT the problem?
They are from Wall Street and part of the reason we have a problem.

And what's with these people and paying taxes?
Do you want people like Daschle and Geithner on the 'team' who either are dishonest or incompetent?
And then there is the 13 firms receiving bailouts that owe $220 million in federal taxes.
They are supposed to sign contracts stating they have no unpaid taxes but the House Ways and Means still has to go behind them and check the tax records because you have already seen how they do business.

Part of the problem with Obama's team is that it is more like 'Team Clinton' and that is NOT who we elected. Rahm Emanuel is good example of a another Clinton 'tool'. He was an investment banker and a head fundraiser for Clinton.

Obama had selected Charles Freeman to chair the National Intelligence Council and he would have been a damn good one to bring the voice of reason in the unholy alliance we have with Israel. But no, we can't have a reasonable person that might actually criticize Israel.
As you know AIPAC writes foreign policy when it comes to Israel and the 'tools' loyal to Israel above all else like Rahm, Liebeman and Schumer can't allow any critical dialogue.
As a result Mr. Freeman decided to decline.

***Another good article from Kevin Phillips...
It's guys like Kevin Phillips that Obama should be reaching out to. Phillips was on Bill Moyers Journal last year and Bill commented that Phillips was one of the few who was ahead of the curve and warned of problems on Wall Street.

AIG is a black hole..
"American International Group Inc.’s government bailout package is valued at US$182.5-billion, according to Congressional auditors, almost US$10-billion more than previous estimates."

It seems crazy and overwhelming to throw all this money at the banks and again to throw it at AIG who insured the bad loans, toxic assets, derivatives, whatever you call them.
It just seems like we are being charged twice and ripped off.

In many cases the so-called front page news served up by the MSM is just a clever distraction to make you forget about something else or the bigger picture. When you think about money and budgets it is important to remember what we spend (throw away) on the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Pentagon (and all their secret opperations) and the Military Industrial Complex (IE... weapons develpoment, maintaining military bases and outposts around the world).
Sometimes when I start to think about all this stuff, the hair stands up on the back of my neck.
Am I paranoid or what?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Action Alert - Open Season on Gray Wolves

The headline reads...
"Salazar Upholds Bush-era Decision to Delist Gray Wolves"

Care2 has a petition to sign that will be sent to Obama.
Here is the link if you wish to protest this action.. Care2 Action alert Petition.

Most of these petitions have a comment box giving you an opportunity to add your two cents.
And here is mine...

"I went to the DOI website and read the release. As I understand the listings go from threatened, endangered and protected. My concern is not that the wolves are taken off endangered but not still being protected. I don't believe the wolves should be hunted for sport any more than big cats or raptors. They aren't what should be considered as "game" that can or will be consumed like deer. It just seems fundamentally wrong to kill animals for sport and the trophy or the hide.
The population will remain healthy and strong only if there is a diverse genetic base and that is why I feel it is YOUR responsibility to keep them protected. If we ("the people") wanted leadership that finds it OK to slaughter wolves, we could have voted for Sarah Palin and that thought is just sickening.
I look forward to hearing from you, now please do the right thing and protect the wolves."

I have a feeling that Obama and Co is going to be on the receiving end of more complaints in the form of petitions if he refuses to listen to the people. He may need to be reminded of his campaign promises like getting out of Iraq but at the same time he opened the door for comments and concerns at Change.gov which transitioned to Whitehouse.gov.
I appreciate that they are trying to open a dialogue and present a more transparent government but that is only relevant if they actually listen.
At Change.gov the #1 issue by the people was to legalize marijuana...
Well, keep your fingers crossed and hold your breath, eh toke.. yeah, that's the ticket..

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Quest for an Empire

In the following video Congressman Ron Paul (aka Dr. No) asks "What if".
He addresses the fundamentals of a failed foreign policy. Wise words that should not be ignored.



When the democrats took back Congress I thought the message was clear, 'Get Out of Iraq'!
Apparently the message wasn't clear enough or it was just ignored.
When Obama campaigned he PROMISED to get us out of Iraq.
It appears talk is cheap and we are the chumps for believing there would be real change.

In all the speeches, with all the rhetoric and all the bullshit, the point is ignored but one thing is clear and it should be shouted from every rooftop until all our troops are brought home.
We are an occupying force and the people of Iraq and Afghanistan DO NOT want us there!
Our troops presence and the building of military bases in these countries only exacerbates the hostility towards the US. And that my friends is a real threat.

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