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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Radical Religious Factions

In the wake of a new Muslim uprising I wanted to revisit the similarities of the current wave of violence over what most have referred to as a stupid movie and the Muhammad cartoon published in 2006.
 " Radical religious factions that see themselves as righteous in their beliefs.
Condoning any action no matter how violent and spilling the blood of innocents. Muslims taking hostages and the beheadings is as perverse as so-called Christians bombing an abortion clinic.
The acts of radicals has to be a tough pill to swallow for the non violent and truly religious.
Watching these twisted freaks undermine all that is good within their beliefs and way of life.
One can only hope that calmer heads will prevail and the murderous element will be brought to justice and held accountable."

They say about one third of the protesters actually saw the movie and the rest are just angry young men who don't have girlfriends. So get 'em laid and maybe things will calm down.
 Is there an underlying message here?
It's the US Foreign Policy Stupid !

The US government has a bad habit of fucking around with the quality of life in other countries where we were not invited and we are not welcome. The result is "Blowback". Funny thing, people actually get mad if you bomb their cities and destroy their infrastructure.. Go figure..
Our government (actually BushCo) decimated Iraq and  now with the Obama administration continuing to occupy Afghanistan to this day.
Is there any question why people are out in the street screaming "Death to America"?
But the attack of the US consulate in Benghazi and murder of the Ambassador and three staff reflects a different problem with another culture stuck in another century. For the most part in our corner of the world we have the expectation of certain rights & freedoms whether you like it or not these rights & freedoms can be abused by narrow minded nincompoops. But you don't kill people just because they insult you or offend you.
These violent protests have spread across 20 countries!
Do you think our government will learn from our mistakes?
Not likely as we are still in Afghanistan and Obama's drone program has only exacerbated hatred for America.

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