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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Threat to the Net

Here we go again..
"A recently proposed but little-noticed Senate bill would allow the federal government to shut down the Internet in times of declared emergency, and enables unprecedented federal oversight of private network administration."

Every time we turn around Our Government, Our Elected Officials are throwing some deluded chaos theory at us in an attempt to raise the threat levels so that ANOTHER piece of intrusive legislation can be passed (IE-Patriot Act) and give them MORE control all the while stripping away at our rights and civil liberties!
Cybersecurity Act of 2009


"Furthermore, the bill contains a particularly dangerous provision that could cripple privacy and security in one fell swoop:

The Secretary of Commerce— shall have access to all relevant data concerning (critical infrastructure) networks without regard to any provision of law, regulation, rule, or policy restricting such access…"


Last week they said that the Chinese and Russians are a threat to our power infrastructure.
So first they feed bullshit to the MSM and raise the threat level. Later when they pull the plug on our internet they can impose censureship to control the masses political discourse. Like China..

I fear once they have the power and 'unplug' we would lose the diversity of smaller websites, networks and systems to the big multinational MSM bullies that are already under government control. Another troubling aspect of this bill is Secure DNS ( Secure Domain Name Service) which could be used to limit US traffic to US sites.
It's like they had movie night at the White House and watched 'Live Free or Die Hard' and somebody thought 'Ya know, this might be a good idea to exploit.'
Unplugging critical systems is NOT the answer. Oy, I may have to get a CB..

Here again we are confronted with a calculated deception or they just aren't competent enough to make rational decisions.
The ' internet' is an open door to the world but the different elements of an infrastructure should act independently as an 'intranet' and as a secure closed network.
It would be kind of stupid to put access to critical systems on an open public domain.. Duh..
This cyberscare is propaganda.. a' false flag'..

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The War on Drugs is OVER!

The Obama administration is currently reviewing information about marijuana laws, the impact on society and considering the input they have received from the general public to stop the 'War on Drugs' and decriminalize pot. Some key elements that have brought decriminalization to the table are the escalating problems on the US/Mexican border and the millions of emails, calls and letters from the public.

Ha ha... April Fools..
Made you look.. Gave you false hope..

Yes I know, it's not funny. Still waiting for 'hope & change', right...
Prohibition is not the biggest problem we face today but it's damn sure high on the list and one that has been fueled by ignorance for far too long.
UPDATE *** link to a Petition
Tell Obama and your elected representatives that it's time to legalize and regulate marijuana


One man that is fighting the good fight is Norm Stamper, retired Seattle police chief and a member of LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition). LEAP is an organization of criminal justice professionals speaking out against the War on Drugs.
When Obama laughed at the 3.5 million people that submitted questions based on decriminalizing pot
Mr. Stamper had a response.
He said "It is no laughing matter, Mr. President". He shares a very sad story about life, death and medical marijuana.

Link to 'Drug WarRant'... Legislation based on ignorance,lies and racism.
This article explains how we got here and asks the question,
"Why is marijuana illegal?"


MarijuanaPolicyPosse became mppstaff @YouTube.
Please visit them for a series of "two minute truths".

Hey this was my 100th Post!
I didn't hear any champagne corks hitting the ceiling...what gives?

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