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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bush and Illegal Wiretaps

I have received a plethora of emails from Moveon.org and the GOP.
The latest from Moveon is an action petition going to my representatives as
"The Senate must not pardon President Bush for breaking the law by illegally wiretapping innocent Americans. Instead, Congress should be holding him accountable."

Isn't it sad that an issue as critical as this is still up in the air?
The performance of Congress and the Senate is depressing.
Bush and his cronies continue to break the law and abuse the rights of the people.

My email response..

"Why is the issue of "illegal" wiretaps still on the table?
This is clearly another example that this administration is drunk with power.
YOU, YES YOU are the representatives elected to represent and protect the rights of the people.
So what is your excuse?
Both you and the President took an oath of office. And both of you have broken that oath.
Whether the issue is "illegal" wiretaps or abuse of the signing statements, President Bush has broken the law repeatedly without penalty.
This President is guilty of treason and YOU know it!
Please take the required action immediately or face the consequences that follow when elected officials break the oath of office.

If you are not going to be active in the solution, than you are clearly part of the problem."

Please to clarify..
I DO NOT follow any particular party.
I remain independent but feel kinda like a Green Libertarian.
I really don't understand why most people and the media presume that we are limited to 2 parties.
The option of voting for "the lesser of two evils" stinks.
You have to ask yourself; with representatives like Arlen Specter(r), Ted Stevens(r), or Joe Lieberman(d); What are we doing?

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