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Saturday, November 11, 2006


This has been one hell of a week in Washington.
Most of the rumdumb republicans were either voted out, escorted out or they just went into hiding and rehab. It couldn't have happened to a more corrupt bunch of son of a bitches.
Jackpot..Congress AND the Senate..
How about a hat trick? RUMSFELD !!! Hell yes..
I admit feeling the picture is not yet complete.
Doesn't Bush usually pin a Medal of Freedom on his flunkies after they fuck up?
Maybe the Germans at the World Court can prosecute Rummy and Gonzales for war crimes.
It would be a start but only addresses some of the guilty. In order to take down all parties involved in this cabal they would have to round up Bush, Cheney, Rice and Wolfowitz.

Do you think that the results of the election can turn things around?
Hope springs eternal..
I just hope that the democrats take this opportunity to turn things around and don't just settle in to "business as usual politics". It is interesting that they managed to win back control without any big plan on display. All the lies and corruption of the repubs must have just sunk the ship.

I wasn't that confident going into this election after watching all the morons vote for Bush, not once but twice.
That debacle left me feeling sick to my stomach and ashamed.
I felt that if you voted for Bush the first time you could apologize and move on.
But if you were stupid enough to vote for that beady eyed, lyin' ass dictator wannabe a second time, then you owed the rest of the American people
AND the people around the world affected by your vote a public apology and a promise not to vote again until you managed to pull your head out of your ass!

So now what?
There are so many situations and issues that have to be addressed immediately.
I don't want to see the dems resting on their laurels.
Time waits for no one. Just ask the Katrina victims or the people of Darfur.
The world keeps spinning as attention to their situations wanes.

If the dems need a list to get them started, then here we go..
>Put a stop to the landslide of Constitutional threats initiated by BushCo.
IE..illegal wiretaps, signing statements , torture and habeas corpus..
>STOP subsidizing Israel's occupation of Palestine..
>Post 9/11 we were promised that every effort will made to make our borders secure.
Five years later and the only thing they have come up with is a plan to build a fence.
Secure the ports and the borders!
>STOP Halliburton NOW! Seize all the accounts, assets and property of Halliburton( yeah, Cheney too) and any of the other companies found to be ripping off the American taxpayer and the people of Iraq in this obscene war for profit. No more NO BID Contracts for anyone guilty of overcharging or defaulting on any previous arrangement.
>STOP pouring money into other countries until this one is fixed. The State Department really needs an overhaul. They don't seem to know how to employ good foreign policy and diplomacy without sacrificing the needs of the American people. Case in point, the trade deficit..
The confusion between foreign policies and trade policies that have created HUGE trading deficits and are destroying our economy.
>And Iraq.... oy

There is obviously much to do.. My mind is starting to fizzle.. So I'll leave you here..

Please stop using the phrase "War on Terror".
I'm sick of it because the actions of this administration has only made things worse. It's a phrase they employed to sell a war. And that is just sick.
If they weren't trying to manipulate other governments for their own gain, maybe the people wouldn't feel like they are getting pissed on.

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