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Thursday, October 28, 2004

An email request

Today I sent an email to the Kerry/Edwards site.

With hope for a new administration and some suggestions.
I feel we employ old world thinking w/some policies and practices, while loosing sight of the basics that made us what we are.

> Our convoluted tax system needs to be canned..do away w/IRS and all parts that remain a "tax burden" because of the operating expenses..employ a flat tax..this way everybody that makes and spends money also pays(ie..illegals, pushers, churches & others who get paid under the table).
> The drug war is ludicrous..to spend all this money and lock up all who don't abide..turning the U.S. into a nation of prisons..spend the money on kids, elderly or indigent but stop wasting my tax money.
> Stop amending the Constitution for politics...keep church and state separate as intended..Government stay out religion and the church stay out of government..
Handle the gay issues like they do in Europe.. let willing partners be joined in a civil union for legal purposes and keep marriage by definition for a man & a women.
>Leave guns alone..some of the laws and amendments don't address criminal use, just blanket resrictions like the assault weapon definition..if you put a bayonet on a muzzleloader you have an assault weapon? even banning semi-autos that a lot of deer & duck hunters use..wrong approach and not the point..
>Something has to be done about our borders and immigration..when so many have gone thru the process to gain legal entry, you can't just dismiss that by giving the masses of illegals a "free pass" w/all the benefits(medical, welfare) at tax payer expense..
Why continue to give money to Mexico only to shun responsibility for their people?

I'll stop my rant now. Any consideration to these concerns will be appreciated
or just handle it and make the needed changes would be even better.
Good luck to you both Nov.2

China is getting more aggressive.
Taking advantage of the rules of economic warfare laid down after World War II the Communist Chinese are turning up in America’s backyard more frequently.
As a third world nation ready to go to the ropes with the industrialized West China has few scruples of its own when considering business opportunities.
New factories are opening in Cuba which will produce millions of television sets. Since these sets cannot be sold in the United States they will either end up in Europe or back in China.
Meanwhile – Chinese workers continue to churn out television sets for the American market under the direction of American companies like Motorola or Japanese companies like Sony.
I wonder how this embargo against Cuba really works. I am not allowed to visit there for the weekend and go fishing but a company like Motorola can partner with the Communists to build cheap tv’s in China then share technology and financing so that the same or better tv’s can be built in Cuba for export to markets that are in direct competition with American interests.
We can watch on our Chinese televisions as Cuban workers take more American jobs.
China is also showing up in Canada, Peru and Sudan - taking contracts for oil and gas to be shipped to China to make television sets even though they can’t even feed, clothe, educate or care for their population properly – and there is no sign of their doing any of it for decades.
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