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Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Bright Spot on the Horizon

"Red Cross finds Bush administration guilty of War Crimes"... Big DUH...
I hope that everyone that played along with the BushCo cabal gets served.
Maybe, just maybe this bunch of criminals is going to get prosecuted. It will have to happen in foreign court since the US Congress and Senate appears to serve at the pleasure of the President.
more @ the raw story

Would you like another?
Send Karl Rove to Jail!
Oh yeah baby and there's a link to a petition you can sign too!

This one is funny and kinda sad.
Congressional hearing to examine 'Bush Imperial Presidency'

Funny because Conyers and Waxman have held soooooo many investigations and sad because nothing ever happens. Paper tigers, both appear toothless, no balls and impotent.
BushCo can lie, cheat and steal then be investigated and still get away with murder

After all these years and they continue to fund an illegal occupation in Iraq knowing all the lives being sacrificed and all the money that gets poured into Halliburton and KBR.
Sometimes it's just hard to tell where to start criminal action if they all are guilty in some way.

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