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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Rights and Freedoms

One of the BIG news items this week is a letter and foolish comments made by VA Congressman Virgil Goode. He seems to lack an understanding of the freedom of religion. Although he is not alone, he IS the one this week that opened his mouth to insert foot.
Challenging the new Congressman Keith Ellison's right to "swear in" using the Koran has stirred up the media frenzy but Goode. The "swearing in" is just another photo op, so big deal.
I've listened to just about as much subjective BS as I can stand from the talking heads.
Goode fears a Muslim population explosion and unchecked immigration problems like they are experiencing in Europe. Many areas of the US are facing problems from unchecked immigration and that is a real problem. The "open door" policies of the 1950s is not gonna work.
I have read articles over the years about the exploding Muslim population threatening Europe. The Europeans fear the "Natives" are losing ground. Most of the talking heads address this problem or try to label it as racial or bigotry when actually it appears to be a quest for overpopulation by specific groups. It is as if they(the breeders) think they need to have more babies to represent the needs of the collective.
This approach is absurd and a threat to the planet and about as good a reason to impose restrictions on the masses that are stupid enough to pursue overpopulation(damn, that almost sounded like China).
Ironic isn't it that in Mexico illegal immigrants are considered felons and if caught are locked up. But in the US we're supposed to embrace them or work them. The jobs go south for cheap labor and yet the people continue to head north in search of the American dream.
God knows the "Compassionate Christians" can't turn them away. Well maybe..
It continues to be a challenge.

One question on my mind and back to the point is "What difference does it make what book you take your oath with, if you later ignore the oath of office and betray the citizens?"

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