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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Our Hypocritical Foreign Policy

Have you noticed the U.S. has rules for others that we do not apply to ourselves?

We (the U.S.) can have more WMDs than the rest of the world combined but you (anyone else) can't.
I refer to the so called "sabre rattling" of Cheney and his band of neocon sock puppets that continue to point at Iran.
Of course when I write "we, ours etc.."I do not mean me personally but the delusional powers that be.
The White House attempts to sell a conflict with Iran is yet another strategic move to destabilize the region and; I can only conclude; create another opportunity to expand U.S. control of oil.
We are watching the single most heinous cabal unfold in U.S. history.

Our leaders today are so corrupt that you have to look around world to find any that even begins to compare. The Congress, Senate and Supreme Court are all complicit in their failure to put a stop to this madness.
The Supreme Court failed to acknowledge the ELECTED POTUS in 2000.
Congress and the Senate have failed to protect the rights of the people and our Constitution.
The War Powers Act should have been rescinded in 2003 when they realized they had been hoodwinked into an illegal occupation in Iraq.
The Patriot Act should never have been allowed and still has to be rescinded.
Habeas Corpus should have been protected not sacrificed by the fear mongers.
We are not being protected nor are the interests of the people being represented!

Does it make you nervous or set off any alarms when our military claims they made a mistake and flys live nukes from North Dakota across the middle of the U.S. to Louisiana?
It makes me nervous and mad because I don't believe it was a mistake!
Barksdale AFB is the jump point for stuff going to Iraq or in this case as I suspect Iran.
It's like icing on the proverbial Lieberman/Kyle Amendment. WTF are they up to now?

I am at a loss and just can't get my head wrapped around the idea of more nukes. Not just for the U.S. but for Iran or anybody else that is too fucking stupid to see there is no future in it.
Not for defense or power plants! NADA..ZIP..NONE..
The planet is already in trouble, do you have to make things worse?
The next thing you will see is ads for clean coal. Oh yeah, we already have.
"Clean Coal"
now that's an oxymoron.
Just how stupid can people be?
Well to put things into some perspective, 24% of the people still support Bush and that's pretty fucking stupid.

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