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Saturday, March 10, 2012

In THIS Century, Women's Rights

From which groups, political parties and the sycophants in media have you heard these references?
"the war on women"
"the war on religion"
"the war on terror"
"the war on drugs"

Some of these catch phrases are more recent examples of political theater and some unfortunately; like the "war on drugs"; have been perpetrating an assault on the safety, security and civil liberties of the masses for decades.

In the "war on women" category there is a continuing battle by sanctimonious old white pricks in government and a strong contingent of more sanctimonious old white pricks wishing to impose their religious dogma into women's health care and contraception.

The new health care laws instruct insurance companies to provide free contraception but churches have objected that a mandate would force them to provide services they find objectionable. So Obama compromised and said the church itself doesn't have to comply but hospitals & clinics owned by churches and deal with the general public will comply. So now all the cardinals, bishops & priests have their panties in a bunch because the law is dictating what is beneficial for women as opposed to the church dictating their own twisted doctrine.

These "services" that the churches and their most holy ilk object to are an instrumental part of women's health care. All the scientific reviews & statistics prove that preventative care (breast exams, Pap smears, etc) save lives and reduce costs. Birth control not only reduces unwanted pregnancies and abortions but for many women is used as maintenance for other problems.

Some of the most ignorant raise their voices feigning righteous indignation.
Here comes Rep. Darrell Issa(R) and brings in a panel of men, mostly clergy to hold a hearing and evaluate this mandate and the impact on religious freedom.
So one might ask "Where are the women ?"
A student at Georgetown Sandra Fluke asks to speak and is denied. She wanted to speak about a Catholic friend who needs birth control pills to combat ovarian cysts.

Later the crowned prince of misogyny Rush Limbaugh with his usual inflamatory remarks said Ms Fluke wanted free birth control, wanted you & me the taxpayers to pay for it so she could have lots of sex and that she was a "slut" and that if we pay for her pills to have sex that she must be a "prostitute". That's the gist but not a quote.
Let's just say the people actually responded to Rush's nasty remarks and started calling for his advertisers to drop his miserable ass. And it worked, last count 142 ads pulled.

There has been wave of abortion laws introduced by Republican governors, congressmen and senators that either remove or violate women's rights. It's pretty offensive that these puritanical ideologues take legislation back in time. Here again with the "sanctimonious old white pricks" scenario.

If these events were in the news coming out of say Afghanistan, Pakistan or "Ubeki-beki-beki-stan" (don't cha miss Herman Cain's euphemisms) with a decree from a Mullah or an Ayatollah then I might begin to understand. But this is more 3rd world culture stuff than what one might expect from a more progressive society.

Another example of ignorance in the driver's seat is Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell who signed a mandatory pre abortion ultra sound bill. Originally this bill required a trans-vaginal ultrasound (with an ultrasound wand inserted). This is the stuff your Republican lawmakers have come up with when left alone with their thoughts.
Some twisted barbaric fucks!

There are several states that require a pre abortion ultrasound. This procedure is dehumanizing and increases medical expenses and for what ?
We can do better. Be careful with your votes...

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Karma Pays a Visit to an Infamous Lunatic

Good Morning !!!

Andrew Breitbart died last night. He was 43.

I know I'm a bad person but a big grin came across my face reading this news.
I feel bad for his family but if asked I might have felt bad for his family last week, last month, etc, just because he was what he was...
He was a nasty piece of work and the enabler of some factless assaults on good people and organizations.
Consider Breitbart's punk O'Keefe and the Fox News trolls that feed the delusions of the ignorant with a plethora of misinformation, none will be missed when they are gone.

Alec Baldwin referred to Breitbart as "A Festering Boil on the Anus of Public Discourse".
On point I have to say...

Yes it appears Karma has payed a visit to a troll.
Hey Karma if you are still aiming to clean up some "air pollution" might I suggest Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck or Sean Hannity to name but a few.
You can't swing a dead cat within the walls of Fox News without hitting some vacuous bag of snot. So have at it. News reports based on facts rather than propaganda is desperately needed.

“Good riddance to bad rubbish.” ― Rodma Philbrick

Apparently I'm not alone feeling no grief for Breitbart.
Here's some irreverent stuff from Matt Taibbi and the "Death of a Douche".

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