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Monday, January 29, 2007

Get Rid of George Bush Now !

This should be the the main message to Congress and the Senate.
Get Rid of George Bush Now !

I don't want any more bullshit debates or investigations into this pisspoor excuse of an administration !

STOP THEM NOW !!! Investigate and prosecute later but stop this madness now!

How could anyone watch the State of the Union Address (SOTUA) and not puke.
All the back slappin' and butt kissin' served up as another MSM staged event.
Just another opportunity for George to stand up, look into the camera and lie to the people AGAIN !
He panders to the crowd and then he panders to Pelosi.
All the pomp and circumstance of a little girls first cotillion. Almost every member contributed to the facade. All the feigned enthusiasm with each sentence uttered by the idiot son.
There had to be cue cards and an applause sign to direct the pinheads as they performed "a dance for the dictator".
I mean DAMN, every time the idiot opened his mouth the puppets stand and applaud him!
Over and over all the way to the end of the show and finish with an autograph session... WTF ?

There is obviously NO system of checks and balances in place or this administration couldn't have evolved into the single and most dangerous threat to the safety and security of the free world.
This is not the first time Bush lied in a SOTUA. He tried to fortify the effectiveness of his "War on Terror" by lying about four acts of terror that his people thwarted.
All lies, spins and misinformation served up in an attempt to self promote.
Nothing new here, same shit different day.

This administration has lied repeatedly...No accountability and no punishment.
The preemptive invasion of Iraq was a lie to cover up a more insidious plan to embed a US presence that will allow Big Oil a larger stake of the Mid Easts' oil.
So now we are faced with a broken army and a huge debt.
And that really doesn't even address the loss of life and limb as we watch the Iraqis safety and security melt down into a civil war.

As I said before.. STOP BUSH NOW !!!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Remembering 2006

When we look back over 2006, what will you remember?

It's funny how different things make impressions on your conscious and subconscious mind.
With all the conflict around the world, sadly a lot of my memories are very negative. Seems like so many of the bad memories are a result of US foreign policy or the lack there of.
At the top of US concerns is the continued failings of the war in Iraq.

Back in January a pentagon investigation determined Marines were dying from wounds because of a lack of body armor.
We needed an investigation to tell us that ?
Hell the guys in combat tried to address the problem with Rumsfeld!
Rumsfeld, damn don't get me started!
One bright spot was all the fallout from the Jack Abramoff scandals.
Pulling down all the miscreants of a corrupted system like so many turds in the bowl of life. Reps like Tom DeLay, a poster boy for special interests simmered in a stew of corruption.
Can you say Lobby Reform ? Yea, I knew you could..

In February parts of the Muslim community collectively went nuts over CARTOONS in a Danish paper. Pictures of Muddyhamhead, a turban with a bomb on it, yea that's a good reason to start a riot... A riot that went around the world because of some goddamn cartoons. Someday soon the religious fanatics of the world are going to have to pull their collective heads out of their collective asses or face some collective cleansing of their ilk by those who choose not to believe in mythology.
Back in the US, Bush and Gonzales do what they can to violate our constitutional rights with domestic spying programs, sold to us as even more of their continuing efforts in the "War on Terror".
Oh yea and Cheney shoots his friend in the face while hunting.

March brought the US and India together in a nuclear trade deal..???
WTF...India has never signed the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.
(pause to scratch head)
Then the stupid mutherf**krs in Congress RENEW the Patriot Act.. Another faked reason by BushCo to screw with our civil liberties in the name of the ..C'mon guess... That's right, the "War on Terror"! Only with this renewal they also gave "W" the freedom to use signing statements, which outlines his interpretation of the law. When Congress should be trying to pull in the evil dictator, what do they do? Give him more rope. Checks and balances my ass..

In April Scooter Libby went to court over the Valerie Plame case. He leaked, no she leaked, ah what the hell the President OK'd that the VP could leak the name of Plame according to Libby. Rove also has to testify but we already know that lyin' sack of crap isn't going to tell the truth.
The FDA rejected the medical use of marijuana.. Again pause to scratch head. It has been 20 YEARS since the MDA stated no health concerns with pot..
So here I am again..WTF!
Science tells 'em one thing and the pinheads ignore the facts in favor of prohibition.

Bush received a letter in May from the Iranian President.
A list of grievances, 18-pages long!
At least he is trying to communicate with Bush. Good luck with that.
Saddam is charged with crimes against humanity. The director of the CIA, Porter Goss steps down abruptly and is replaced by Air Force General Michael Hayden( Bush's wiretap puppet).
A lot of problems and protests stemming from immigration.
The House passed more tax cuts for the wealthy.
Speaking of Congress, the FBI raided Rep.William Jefferson's office sniffing out some bribes and later find $90k in his freezer at home. Another one bites the dust, hey!
From the stupid is as stupid does category, the people of New Orleans REELECTED Mayor Ray Nagin.
He loves his chocolate people, yes he does, yes he does.(in a voice like talking to a baby)
Drumroll please.. Enron execs Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling were found guilty of fraud and conspiracy.

In June came a report from the pentagon. It appears there had to be an investigation into the treatment of Iraq detainees. The abusive handling of detainees was dismissed as "“Inadequate policy guidance"”.
A member of Saddam's defense team, Khamis al-Obeidi, was pulled from bed, abducted, beaten, and shot. He was the 10th person connected with the trial to be killed.
Israel had been shelling the Gaza coast, so Hamas decided to return fire. At one point Palestinianan Militants(as the MSM refers to them) kill two Israeli soldiers and kidnap a third. This opens the door for more shelling of Lebanon by Israel.
The NYT had a story about counterterrorism officials using broad subpoenas, rather than individual court-approved warrants. So much for your right to financial privacy.
Another bright spot was when Bill Gates announced that he will be easing out of day to day operations at Microsoft and begin to focus more on the problems that affect the world thru the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
Ain't it great, philanthropy ain't dead.
After that Warren Buffett announced that he will give the bulk of his billions to five different charities, about $31 billion to the Gates Foundation.

On July 4th North Korea test fired missiles over the Sea of Japan and pretty much made everybody nervous. A few days later India does a test fire of it's own.
The conflict in Lebanon escalates when Hezbollah begins shelling Israel.
Bush vetoes a stem cell bill. I guess because he is such compassionet Christian.
(have to pause a moment to throw up)
The convicted Enron exec Ken Lay drops dead. No jail time served.

In August British authorities arrest 24 Pakistani Muslims after uncovering a plot to use liquid explosives on planes.
A Federal judge finds that the National Security Agency's program of secretly wiretapping Americans' communications overseas without a warrant violates the Constitution.
WOW, it violates the Constitution. This should be a wake up call for Congress and the Senate but the Justice Department appeals and the program is allowed to continue.
The International Astronomical Union votes to redefine the solar system, and Pluto loses its status as a planet. It is reclassified as a dwarf planet.

September finds the Senate Intelligence Committee(an oxymoron I believe) and CIA findings refute Bush administration assertion that Saddam and al Qaida leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi were allies. Thus shooting another hole in BushCo theory.
Former Illinois Governor George Ryan is sentenced to more than six years in federal prison for racketeering, conspiracy, and other charges. Another one bites the dust!
Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Wiretapping Act in favor of the National Security Surveillance Act, which would permit the National Security Agency to monitor, without a warrant, international phone calls and emails of people in the U.S.
This is a clear violation of the Constitution. So why are these people in the Senate?
Florida Republican Mark Foley steps down from the House of Representatives after reports emerged that he had sent sexually explicit messages to teenage male Congressional pages. He had been the head of House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children. The plot thickens when it's revealed that the House leadership has known about the emails for months. Yep, Hassert knew. What a useless bucket of guts.
Things heated up when the Pope opened mouth to insert foot. Quoting some 14th century text that refers to Islam as "evil and inhuman". Whoops..Try drawing 'em a picture.

North Korea fires another missile in October. This time it was a nuclear missile.
Bush calls the test a "“threat to international peace and security". ” Said the kettle to the pot.
More fallout from Abramoff. Congressman Bob Ney from Ohio, pleads guilty to corruption charges. He accepted thousands of dollars worth of gifts from lobbyist Jack Abramoff and his lobbying partners in exchange for attempts to legislate on their behalf. Despite pleas from Republican leaders, Ney does not step down.
New milestone reached when US population hits 300 million.
Amazing people will argue over abortion, birth control and immigration and yet this doesn't send up a red flag ?
Bush takes another stab at dealing with immigration problems and signs a bill to build 700 miles of fence. They already introduced the guest worker program(pure CRAP), I guess they will have the guest workers build the damn fence.

In November we revisit Israel's occupation of Palestine. The six days of conflict that previously escalated when Hezbollah began to return Israel's rocket fire now forces Israel to pull back from the Gaza incursion. A report from Israeli group Peace Now, indicate that about 40% of the land in Israeli settlements in the West Bank is owned privately by Palestinians.
Can you say occupation ?
Saddam is found guilty and we are told his execution will be soon.
Midterm election results put more Democrats back in power. Funny that they regained some power with no clear plan of their own. I guess some of the more dense voters finally realized enough is enough. We'll see if it makes any difference.
Post election plus... Rumsfeld steps down... Two thumbs WAY UP!

In December NASA announces plans to build a base on the moon. Tune in for Moonbase 2020.
John (got milk)Bolton steps down as US Ambassador to the UN. Another of Bush's questionable appointees that flunks out.
December 26th Gerald Ford, the 38th president, dies at age 93.
Saddam is handed over to what appears to be a band of lunatics and is hung December 30th.

I give up now.. I'm depressed again..
GLTA in '07..

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