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Friday, November 18, 2011

Are You Tired of the Debates Yet ?

...Or are you just tired of the lunacy served up by this parade of circus freaks ?

I have to admit these "candidates" provide great material for comedians. While I don't know what it smells like up on stage and behind the podium, I do know there has been no shortage of brain farts.
Michele Bachmann usually leads the way making statements that are devoid of facts but she faces some heavy competition from Perry & Cain.
Gingrich will probably edge Romney out in the battle of flip-floppin' super egos.

The poll numbers that ultimately determine who is viable and then invited to pontificate with the collective have been all over the place. Just ask Gary Johnson & Buddy Roemer who have yet to get an invite to pontificate.
You would think every candidate would get invited to participate so early in the process.

Rick Perry threw his cowboy hat in the ring and his poll numbers took the lead. After some debate brain farts and one strange event where Perry became giddy after receiving some maple syrup his poll numbers fell and Cain took the lead. But that won't last. Mr "9,9,9" & "U-beki beki beki beki stan stan" is self destructive enough when left alone.

This Herman Cain ad is so effin creepy.
His Chief of Staff Mark Block talks shit and smokes a cigarette.
At the end Cain looks absolutely demonic.


Ron Paul still has a strong following which I don't completely understand. I agree with him about auditing the Fed, stop the foreign occupations and playing "World Police", reign in foreign aid (especially Israel, emphasis mine) but he maintains his libertarian batshit ideas of free markets, deregulate and privatize damn near everything that reduces the size and role of government period. Grandpaw must be nuts.

There are still some 12 or 15 or whatever, too many more of these throwing cow chip events for me... Oy...
We still desperately need more than two parties, more than a choice of the lesser of two evils and a really strong progressive leader to make the changes required to get this country straightened out and back on track. Fingers crossed.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Do You Understand the OWS Protests ?

Occupy Wall Street protests have spread from city to city and are beginning to show up on campuses where the students are protesting debt incurred from the high cost of education as well as the shared concerns of the 99%... IE- bank fraud w/o prosecution, health care for all, corrupted political systems, etc...

Some of the talking heads of MSM are playing dumb by repeating the same tired questions,
"What are the OWS protestors demands and what are they actually protesting ?"

Occupy Wall Street Simplified

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