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Monday, January 21, 2008

Where Is The Love?

We are nearing the end of January and on this day celebrated as Martin Luther King's birthday, after coming through the holidays I have to ask what happened to "Peace on Earth, Goodwill towards Men"?

Hope... maybe..
*****This was the Nickelback Video "If Everyone Cared" but it has been diabled and there is no embed available at this juncture. Now it a link.*****

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Monday, January 14, 2008


The media is excluding candidates from the debates. AGAIN!

At first it seemed the debates and the so-called monitors focused only on the top three candidates in each party. There was no attempt to evenly distribute the time allowed. Then came the "loaded" questions and plants in the audience with "select" questions. The monitors as well as some of the candidates at Fox GOP debate showed just how juvenile they can be when Ron Paul tries to make a point and they laugh.
Lately it's been the media (IE..ABC/Disney, Fox & now NBC/GE) that want to exclude viable candidates. These media outlets and their pundits are trying to select your candidates and manipulate the public perception of exactly who is viable and electable with words and polls.

The people should be up in arms, out in the streets, making phone calls, sending emails and writing letters threatening to boycott the networks and their sponsors!

The MSM has barely covered this manipulation of OUR Democratic process.
However some of the internet media and some of the blogs have links to lists of contacts to complain and raise hell.
Here are some links..
@Alternet (1) MSNBC Uninvites Kucinich to Vegas Debate
(2)This is way out of hand

(3)Boycott Disney and GE

(4) more articles @ HuffoPo

At first what pissed me off was that Kucinich was being excluded (again) from Jan. 15 debate in Las Vegas but it should be a concern to everyone or your candidate could be next. We have already lost some good people like Chris Dodd, Bill Richardson and Joe Biden(not my candidate of choice but still ).

I don't even want the "business as usual" or the "go any way the wind blows" candidates to be selected by the feakin' media.
How about YOU?
Take action, please...

edit/update 1/21/08
Here We Go Again...Dammit..
from Crooks and Liars..
"CNN has decided to not include Dennis Kucinich, just as ABC and MSNBC did earlier this month. The GOP will be debating twice between now and the end of the month, it will be interesting to see if Rudy Giuliani, who has been getting schooled by Ron Paul, will be allowed to participate…"

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Toxic Media

What has happened to "the news"?
The people the media calls pundits don't seem to have a clue. Some are so ignorant and uncouth that I can barely stomach their broadcast. Others have become vile perversions of journalism.
Almost everyone agrees that Fox sucks out loud and shouldn't be considered real news but they still have an audience. Perhaps some people actually find Fox News entertaining.
I think maybe Chris (Tweety)Matthews may have future there.
If you aren't watching Bill Moyers, Jack Cafferty, Keith Olberman or Jon Stewart then you may be infected by the bull shit served by the MSM.

What got me started on this rant is the manipulation of the debates.
Sure they really aren't debates but carefully scripted PR campaigns with photo ops.

What is wrong with the people at ABC/Disney that makes them think it was "OK" for them to exclude viable candidates from the debate process?
What should be an integral part of the democratic process, they chose to ignore.
How can they operate in good conscience in the USA with such blatant disregard for what should be considered a "fair & balanced" event?
If Fox News had pulled this shit I wouldn't be surprised. After all they like to use the phrase 'fair & balanced" but are the opposite.
Something like "Fox Bizarro News".

So is this the new trend for ABC News and the rest of the MSM?
Damn I hope not but if it walks like a duck.. well you know..

You know what's really amazing and very disturbing at the same time?
ABC, the talking heads and the rest of the MSM dismiss or exclude Kucinich!
He is one of three candidates that aren't mouthing the same old crap.
He seems like a good guy that wants to make serious changes in an otherwise perverted system of government. But no, they make fun of his appearance.
How superficial and hypocritical is that?
The debates he was included in didn't give him a fraction of the time they gave to Hillary (a woman) or Obama (a man of color) just because he is small in stature.

I'm just disgusted with the whole damn circus. These primaries suck and the media sucks.
How fucked up is the system and the people when polls show McCain comes in as 1st repub and Romney takes 2nd?
I mean really; when McCain tells potential voters that he’d like to stay in Iraq for 100 years and Romney who can't seem to keep his stories straight are poll winners; is this the best of the best?
Maybe this is all republicans expect, after all 25% of the sheeple still like Bush.
BTW.. I really can't stand all the polls.

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