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Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Air Stinks of Mercury

I came across a petition to stop Titan Cement from building a plant in Castle Hayne near the Cape Fear River.
The question is... Why build a new coal fired cement plant that spews mercury into the atmosphere near Wilmington, along the Cape Fear River and sacrifice 1000 acres of wetlands?
The petition has over 200 signatures from scientists, doctors and other professionals warning of the environmental impact and toxicity of mercury. Mercury toxicity is proven to affect pregnancy and child development. The Cape Fear river is already listed as "impaired" due to mercury as this is the former site of Ideal Cement Company that previously closed down.

Seems like a no-brainer... Big DUH... NIMBY.... but this kinda stinks of government in bed with corporations and their lobbyists.. Ya think..

The petition @stoptitan.org tells a story of how Former NC Governor Mike Easley worked with some friends to bring in Titan, sacrifice 1000 acres of precious wetlands and secure his next job.

"Titan now has nine lobbyists in Raleigh. The top lobbyist is John Merritt, who was former Governor Mike Easley’s Chief of Staff (2002-2003). Mr. Merritt, along with four other Titan lobbyists, works for a massive Richmond-based law firm called McGuireWoods. It turns out, Mr. Merritt was lobbying for Titan when Gov. Easley approved a $300,000 grant to bring the company to NC. Recently McGuireWoods made another new hire: a former governor named Mike Easley. And now, as reported in the New York Times, Easley is being investigated by a Federal Grand Jury for allegedly taking private flights and other incentives from businesses while he was governor."

Some people will argue that Titan will bring some desperately needed jobs but that doesn't even make sense compared to the sacrifice of 1000 acres of wetlands or increasing the mercury you will breath. It's suggested that the Titan plant will bring about 160 jobs but about half will be filled by techs brought in from other locations.

Titan had released a statement thanking current Governor Bev Perdue and the NC Commerce Department for their support in efforts to defeat SB-699.
Maybe you would want to call Governor Perdue, the freakin' NC Senate Commerce Committee and ask them WTF?

My problem (other than the obvious mental ones) is that I can't wrap my head around why more isn't being done to PROTECT wetlands, forests and rivers. You would think people would be more aware of the damage that has already been done by exploiting our environment and our natural resources and that people would say 'Enough is Enough'!

Mercury in the air means mercury in your water and then in your fish and then in you and your family.
Do you really want more?

* more info links..

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Universal healthcare

Where is OUR single payer universal health care?

Congress and the Senate has it..
Canada has it..
Brazil has it..
Cuba has it..
England has it..
France has it..
Germany has it..
Taiwan has it..
etc, etc the list goes on..

Our system of government is apparently so badly broken when the blatant hypocrisy of our so-called representatives is demonstrated by their allegiance to Insurance companies and Big Pharma but continue to deny health care for the citizens they swore to represent.
Congress and the Senate continue to ignore the needs and the will of the people and they need to be put on notice.
They continue to embrace those corporations that donate money to their reelection campaigns.
They show no compunction about spending trillions to rescue banks from their own greed and mismanagement but we are denied health care for all.
They spend trillions to invade, build bases, occupy and destroy foreign countries but we can't have universal health care.

Just how fucked up is our government?
It's not about Democrats or Republicans, together they share in this immoral imperative.
We must start over. Replace these 'lifers' that have forgotten who they serve and where they came from.
Vote out the liars and thieves. Cut their benefits and kick them to the curb.
We need term limits, campaign finance reform and very strict rules for lobbies.

Arlen Specter is a good example of what makes these delusional SOB's tick.
He openly admitted that he would change parties because he felt with all the problems of the Republican party, that he could not get reelected. But he won't support Democrats.
Pulled a 'Lieberman' he did. So obsessed with the need to get reelected he will do whatever it takes.
I wish he and Lieberman would take a long walk off a short pier. They would not be missed.

The corporate whores in Washington need a wake up call. They need emails, phone calls, letters and petitions to flood the hill.

more info from other sources..

Get Out in the Streets and FIGHT for Universal, Single Payer Health Care

Missing in Action on Healthcare?
@The Nation

The Promise of Universal Health Care: An Open Letter to President Obama
@ HuffPo.. as Dr. Mohit points out in this article, a nonprofit, single payer system would save about a trillion each year..
So now what's your excuse big ears?

Thursday, May 07, 2009

No more pets...

We had two pet rabbits.
About ten years ago my wife started talking about getting a cat. I have had a lot of pets including cats. Cats are great but it used to kind of bug me that they would get up on the kitchen counter when you're not around. Sneaky little buggers.
So with that in mind I suggested maybe a rabbit. I had a rabbit when I was a kid but apparently forgot the details.
We looked at bunnies in a pet store. They were so small and cute. I suggested getting two so they would have company when we were not around (another in a long list of bright ideas).
We purchased two; a male and female; and named them Grey and Velvet. Grey was a black and white Dutch. Velvet was the softest color of chocolate.
When they were six months old we took them to the vet for a checkup and neutering.
Two went in and only one came home.
I did not know rabbits don't do to well under anesthesia as we found out when Velvet didn't come home. So here is Grey by himself and he needs a buddy. Back to the pet store to get another girl. Came home with a cute little dwarf, white with small chocolate spots. Found out later when his little pink scrotum appeared that Thumper was not a girl.
Over the years we did our best to spoil the little rascals. I made them huts out of wood and used large paper bags to simulate dens. Cut up and connected boxes for them to explore, some full of shredded newspaper. We grew parsley and carrots for the little gourmets.
They had close to ten years with us and the last six were in the freakin' kitchen.
Yeah that's right, the guy who was concerned about a cat in the kitchen has two fur balls in the damn kitchen.
Thumper was the younger of the two guys but he passed away during the night on May 3rd. Grey lived only two more days and passed away mid morning on the 5th. It was kinda strange, like an old couple when one passes, then shortly thereafter so does the other.

Now the kitchen has been cleaned up and all the boxes, cages and fur removed but there is also an empty space, in more ways than one.
I catch myself walking into the kitchen and look towards the corner to check on the bunnies...
Rest in peace little dudes..

No more pets...

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