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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

No Nukes Please

What happened to A.Q. Khan after his gut wrenching apology on national TV?
Selling nuke materials and technology for money. Not an ethical dilemma; just greed without the benefit of a moral compass. Seems to becoming more common in the"sandboxes of planet earth".
Was he stoned or beheaded in public and I missed it?
Shouldn't the U.N. be taking steps to bring the criminals to justice?

There is probably an ongoing investigation to determine the who, what, when, where and why. Here's a tip; follow the money. An ongoing investigation can take some time(indefinite)or if the U.S. example is followed they will need an investigation into the investigation at the tax payers expense.

Isn't Pakistan subject to the same scrutiny and weapons inspectors when the non-proliferation treaty is violated?

I fail to comprehend the thinking behind the production of nuclear power and weapons. Why continue to produce nuclear waste without a method for safe disposal . It is called hazardous waste because of the consequences of disposal. So your options are either bury it for a thousand years or sell to some third world "bad ass wannabees" with the possibility they will build a bomb and use on you or your neighbor.
It would be more encouraging to watch humans evolve and learn from our mistakes as opposed to continue down the same bumbling path.

Its the Bush Doctrine: support despotic rule in Egypt, Pakistan, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia ( all of whom have stronger ties to terrorism then Iraq) and Bush turns a blind eye as long as they smile and say they like us. Who says that Bush doesn't care the opinions of foreigners.
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