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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Aaron Swartz

Rest in peace Aaron Swartz.
A brilliant but fragile mind checks out.
He accomplished a lot and fought the "good fight" in his short time on earth. He was only 26.
Aaron was the co-founder of Demand Progress, RSS & co-founder of Reddit.
He was a computer activist, a visionary, a hacker and truly a nerd's nerd.

 "How we stopped SOPA" 


 Aaron battled with depression. Some blame the ruthless persecution of Aaron over the last two years by US Attorney Carmen Ortiz. A politician whose political pursuits possibly fueled the extreme felony charges leveled at Swartz. The threat of prison may have been the reason Aaron took his life.
There is a petition to remove US Attorney Ortiz.

But it was not Ortiz alone, she had an assistant, a partner in crime some might say.
The lead prosecutor Assistant US Attorney Stephen Haymann already had a history involving suicide to avoid prosecution. Aaron's lawyer said he told federal prosecutors that Aaron was a suicide risk and they responded  "put him in jail, he'll be safe there".

Counselor let's file this one under 'Cruel & Unusual Persecution'.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013


Happy New Year...Oy

The Obama administration continues on the same destructive path as the Bush administration. The occupation & dismemberment of foreign countries while beating the drum of a failed foreign policy and escalating the "War on Terror" in an effort to expand this empire.
In Feb of 2007 the Bush administration created  AFRICOM as means to put a footprint on the African continent, establish a military presence in the name of security & democracy. Yeah, right.
Right before Xmas the Obama administration announced they would be sending troops to as many as 35 African countries.
Yeah, money is tight and times are hard so here's your fuckin' Christmas card.

So you might wonder why?
We're huntin' al-Qaida, right?

Fight 'em over there so they won't come over here. Sure...

We don't have the funds for Medicare-for-all and a decaying infrastructure yet this government finds ways to blow money creating conflict around the world and now in Africa. Africa is a continent that is still rich with resources. Resources that China has an interest in securing.
Let Max Keiser explain...

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