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Friday, March 31, 2006

The Hidden Agenda

The more I look into backgrounds of the Bush administration, the more disturbing is the information revealed.
Leaving me to wonder about the secrets behind that hidden agenda?

"Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it."
There are some similarities between the Iran-Contra affair and the problems @ BushCo today.
The Iran-Contra Affair brought forth many questions about the separation of powers.

When members of the U.S. government sought to circumvent the law, Congress and the Constitution by selling arms to Iran then using those proceeds to fund the activities of the Contras, all under the watchful eye of the CIA and hiding behind the National Security Council.
Does any of this sound familiar?
The Tower Commission was formed to investigate.
Implicated were Colonel Oliver North, National Security Advisor John Poindexter, Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger(later pardoned by Bush41) and others. Most were later indicted on multiple charges.

Google any of theses men to see the crimes they have committed and the positions they hold in BushCo today.
>John Poindexter, Elliot Abrams, Otto Reich, John Negroponte, and Rogelio Pardo-Maurer...
These guys were thrown out of the Reagan Administration only to be rewarded with powerful jobs in BushCo, ignoring their felonious and murderous backgrounds!

Do you still wonder why anyone Bush appoints is either already part of the inner circle or stinks of "crony", be it political or corporate association?
You have to ask, Why does the Congress and Senate allow THIS PRESIDENT and HIS ADMINISTRATION continue to hold office?
They believe that no rules apply to them and that they are above the law!

Why do the American people allow it?
George W. Bush does not represent the people of the United States.
He said the Constitution was "just a goddamned piece of paper"!

They believe religion can be used to control society.
They believe civil liberties and human rights do not apply to them.
They admit to spying on Americans with wiretaps and the torture of POW's!
Why ? Because they don't have to follow the laws that others do.
They believe that their agenda is above reproach and that any means is acceptable if deemed necessary to achieve their goals. More PNAC crap!

I know this only scratches the surface and this probably reads like a rant..
but this stuff really burns my ass!

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