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Saturday, October 02, 2004

Business as usual politics

What does it take for people to become more aware of "business as usual politics'?
My concern is for the standards of the parties and their politicians. It feels like the basics are lost. There is no longer a need for ethics, courtesy, or employing the truth. This becomes even more apparent on the eve of an election. The people tune in to the "media circus" in the hope that someone will address the topics that concern them. Only to be overloaded with pointless PC garble from a candidate that dances around the issues. In some cases the media seems just as bad when a round table of "pundits" put their misguided spins in place.
I really wish we were facing good choices in candidates, instead of casting a vote for the lesser of 2 evils.
Bush seems lost and doesn't seem to recognize that his agenda is not shared. At first I felt Bush was doing what he thought was right (invading Iraq) even if it was wrong. I could appreciate the idea of taking the conflict off our soil.
I never have come to terms with the idea of spending all our money in Iraq with no hope of repayment from an oil rich nation. It is hard to comprehend why this administration entered into this conflict without a concise plan. This kind of thinking and lack of attention to detail should be a warning. We don't need 4 more years of this!
What we do need is to get our house in order.
>Secure our borders...
>Get this economy back on track..ie.. jobs, trade, taxes, and someone with a working calculator to monitor spending...
>deal with the disadvantaged public problems..ie..homeless, healthcare...
>and don't forget our environment. If you want a nice place to live; then take care of it...

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