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Friday, July 22, 2011

"You Progressives"

Here's a news flash, Obama ain't progressive... Big surprise, right?
He's touting some "big deal" he and the pretenders are working on, all in this budget deficit, debt crisis, debt ceiling bullshit session. Of course he will have to negotiate (capitulate, cave, fold) to the repugs demands to cut SS, Medicare & Medicaid. You can be sure they won't hold hands in some bipartisan effort that gets us out of these foreign occupations, brings the troops home and repeals the Bush tax cuts. No, that would be responsible AND logical.

"The problem is that You Progressives see the glass as half empty."
And here's your sign...

"Now what this would do to seniors on Social Security -- we already understate inflation, and seniors haven't gotten a COLA for the last two years.
Tell me the price of prescription drugs and medical care hasn't gone up over the last two years. "

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Problem with Mitt

This ad from 1994 explains some things.
In the 2008 election a lot of candidates changed positions as they moved from state to state or from one audience to another. McCain & Romney were two of the worst. What they said last year, last week or even yesterday was subject to change. Which ever way the wind blows.


Once upon a time Romney was pro-choice, now not so much.
>Personally against abortion, but pro-choice as governor. (Mar 2002)
>FactCheck: TV ad ignores recency of conversion to pro-life. (Dec 2007)
>GovWatch: 2002: “preserve & protect” right to choose. (Feb 2008)

Once upon a time as governor of Massachusetts he set up universal coverage in his state. .
> State universal coverage plan is national test case. (Apr 2006)
>Single accomplishment as Governor is MA insurance reform. (Mar 2007)
> MA health plan insures all without taxes or socialization. (May 2007)
> FactCheck: MA plan works, but Romney not proposing it for US. (Oct 2007)
> FactCheck: Romney plan virtually identical to Obama plan. (Jun 2007)

Confused yet?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

We Need a Strong 3rd Party, NOW!

The republicans are doing what they do best which is to hold up the legislative process with chaos & fear while attempting to deconstruct any progressive corrections made to a broken system.
Obama is once again taking his favorite position which is to capitulate to all demands.
We have got to get a strong 3rd party going with real progressive leadership before this two party systems implodes from ignorance & corruption.


Civil liberties under Obama - Glenn Greenwald from International Socialist on Vimeo.


more later..

Friday, July 01, 2011

Less Secret Bullshit and More Transparency

What we don't need is more secrecy & coverups.
What we don't need is a shadow government wrought with corruption & collusion.
What we don't need is a government that fears transparency and persecutes whistleblowers.

Transparency is good... WikiLeaks is good...

Brilliant Mastercard Commercial Parody

More like this please...

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