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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

All the News You Can Use

This past Sunday I spent a few hours reading message boards on Yahoo news.
You can tell what's really important by the number of posts in response to each article.
Here are a few highlights on "All the News You Can Use".

Last week there was an article "Pakistan test fires nuclear missile" and I posted a comment since I already had a post on my blog. It apparently wasn't viewed much, with only 3 comments posted.
On the other hand Ashlee Simpson's performance(or lack there of) on SNL has thousands of comments posted. These two Simpson girls must have some PR machine because I don't get it. I love music and those two ain't makin' music! What the hell is wrong with the powers that be @ SNL? Ya gotta wonder who makes the musical choices that thinks this lip syncing pop crap is acceptable. Of all the bands out there making "good music", this is what SNL serves up as entertainment. Though certainly not the first time for SNL.

Ted Rall has a nice op/ed piece about "Dubya" and reasons not to do 4 more years. This one had folks stirred up with over 1800 posted messages arguing the pro's & con's of Bush or Kerry.

There was a real goof of an article from the New York Post/Bush for America that had a lot of misinformation with about 200 message responses. Still hard to understand why anyone wants more Bush with all the info, all the screwups, all the bad decisions, and all the self serving conflicts of interest with the president and his administration.
"Dubya" could be a poster boy for pro choice.
Ol' Barb should've opted out of that pregnancy.

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