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Friday, October 05, 2012

How did Romney "win" the debate?

The 1st round of the "Presidential Debates" was a disappointment. Most of the pundits reacted like they are off their meds. Chris Matthews was having a moment. There was a lot of whining about Obama's lackluster performance and not enough fact checking Romney's litany of lies. These so-called debates should be open to more of the candidates, Libertarian, Green, whatever and better moderators that ask better questions.

The bottom line is Romney lied about everything and Obama failed to challenge any of it. The human "windsock" never fails to disappoint. He changes positions more than a Kama Sutra instructor. Between Romney & Ryan you would need a goddam abacus to count the lies.

Reminds me of a line from the movie "Unknown". Investigator Ernst Jurgen said "In the Stasi, we had a basic principle: ask enough questions and a man who is lying will eventually change his story. But the man who tells the truth cannot change his, however unlikely his story sounds."
A rule of thumb  that is now a necessity in US political theater.

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