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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

"Nigga Please"

Today's media blitz shit storm is brought to you at the expense of Don Imus.
In case you haven't heard (and I don't see how that is possible unless you have just awakened from a coma) Don Imus made some not so PC comments on his radio show. SURPRISE!
OK so you're not surprised. After all he does a radio talk show that most would lump into the realm of a shock jock. You know the kind of stuff that might shock some, irritate others and totally piss off the thin skinned masses.
He has served up his brand of comedy for about 40 years.

I'm no fan and I am not offering a defense but I do respect the concept of freedom of speech.
Imus and his producer McGuirk were talking about a women's basketball game, Rutgers vs Tennessee.
Imus said "those are some rough girls from Rutgers, man they got some tattoos".
To which McGuirk responded "those are some hard core hos" and then Imus responded "that's some nappy headed hos" and that "the Tennessee girls were cute".
Then McGuirk said "it's kinda like a Spike Lee thing, like School Daze the Jiggaboos and the Wannabees".
*This is not verbatim; you tube link for a replay.

So now that this "old cracker" has uttered the words; the question is; which of the media whores will stand tall in defense of hos everywhere?
When it comes to playing the race card, who will drag out the biggest soap box, stand tall and serve up all the righteous indignation the people can stand?
Well how about a couple pseudo preachers.
Wait, Wait, clear the stage, here comes Reverend Al Sharpton and Reverend Jesse Jackson.
Racist comments, blah blah blah, hate spewing bigots, blah blah blah...

Was it bad enough when Imus said "nappy headed hos"?
No, apparently not... Every dumb ass talking head in the media circus that felt they had to put in their 2 cents has repeated this "racially charged comment" over and over and and over again.
Kinda takes away from the impact of the statement after it's repeated a couple hundred times.

Imus has apologized over and over again. For his efforts the station has suspended his show for 2 weeks and some of the sponsors have pulled out. I imagine with all feigned indignation and the public outcry, this ain't over.
Yes it was a stupid comment and most likely offensive to the Rutgers girls but not unlike anything you might hear from a rapper, a sports icon or on BET.
I really hope to see Larry Wilmore(from the Daily Show), Carlos Mencia and Chris Rock get their collective teeth into this story and rip it apart in front of the PC police.

The media blitz and exploitation of a story is nothing new.
With all the problems around the world, why does stupid comments from a Don Imus radio show take center stage?
Do we really get quality news reporting from the 24 hour a day news channels? I think not.
This is right up there with the coverage of Anna Nicole Smith.
I want the news, not all the drama.

Either people don't know or have forgotten about Imus' good deeds.
He has a ranch that sponsors trips for kids with cancer.
The work he's done raising money for armed forces vets and Walter Reed Hospital, kids with autism, SIDS, and pediatric hospitals.
These acts speak to the character of the man. Everybody has said something stupid and regrettable. His actions mean alot more than the hollow message from the pundits or even a couple of "wannabee" preachers who cannot forgive his transgressions.
Imagine that, preachers that can't forgive words.

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