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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Your health..

The debate in Washington has devolved from " health care" reform to "health insurance" reform.
Many of our so-called reps are so indebted to the health insurance and drug companies that they have turned their backs on the health care needs of the people and that leaves no progressive solution in sight. The MSM continues to focus on the lunatic fringe as they raise their collective voices to drown out any legitimate discussion, continuing to repeat the lies of O'Reilly, Hannity and corrupted representatives in Washington.
This is what can happen when politicians allow the CEO's of companies and their lobbys to sit at the table and dictate policy. We have seen this demonstrated as Bush and Bernake allowed Hank Paulson to throw our tax dollars at the most heinous of the investment banks, Goldman Sachs. This ripoff continued as Obama took office and then appointed more of Wall Street's cronies, Geithner and Summers.

Several trillion is used to bailout bad management and greed on Wall Street but "Medicare for All' isn't affordable?... Really?

Now here we sit watching as Obama puts on his best speaking voice to address the public then turns his back to sit at the table and discuss "health insurance" reform with one of the most heinous pariahs of the health insurance industry, United Health Group CEO Stephen Hemsley.
This is not the change we voted for.

Many argue that a universal plan or even the public option is unaffordable and would only increase the deficit. This is not true.
It is generally accepted that preventative maintenance IS cost effective.
What CAN we afford?
Let's look at the Pentagons budget for 2009.
>DoD- estimated $518b..
>Wars in Iraq & Afghanistan- estimated $140b
>DoE- estimated $18b
>miscellaneous defense costs- estimated $3b
>DHS- estimated $40b
>State Dept. foreign aid, etc..- estimated #38b
>human cost of war/Dept Veterans Affairs- estimated $91b

How about the interest of our national deficit? estimated $55b..
I'm sure there is more but my calculator just melted.
With this kind gross mismanagement, is it any wonder we can't afford a universal health care plan? Should the question be monetary or moral?

It's not like the deniers tried to look up how successful other plans in other countries have been, no that would be too easy. Congress would rather delay the process, take years to invent their own plan, only to create a convoluted 1100 page plan that still feeds the greed of the insurance industry.
We already have a Medicare plan and the Veterans TriCare that work, so why reinvent the wheel?

Is what we need a "Medicare for All" like HR-676 as proposed by Conyers and Kucinich?

Food for thought...

***UPDATE*** 8/26/09
RIP..Ted Kennedy has passed away. He was 77.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Your Tax Dollars at Work

The NSA has plans to build a HUGE data collection center in Utah. The 120 acres belongs to Utah's National Guard aka Camp Williams. They will build this massive 1.5 million sq ft SPY CENTER at projected cost of $2 BILLION taxpayer dollars.
But we can't afford Medicare for All.
Don't you think this a gross misuse of taxpayer dollars and an in your face declaration of what the "powers that be" perceive as  a priority, than we obviously have bigger problems for sure?
This will surely be used against anyone & anything that challenges the abuse of power and it will absolutely come back and bite us in the ass.

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