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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Here We Go Again

Some of my Action Alerts come from CREDO.
They are activists and a mobile phone service.
Imagine that, a telecom with integrity.. Who woulda thunk?
Here is the link to a petition you sign and tell the Senate to
"Oppose the McCain-Lieberman nuclear power grab".

I received an alert about the Lieberman-Warner bill, AKA "America's Climate Security Act" and yes I've covered this before. It is a grand misnomer as it does little to address carbon but will divert BILLIONS to nuclear power. If you don't believe me ask the NIRS.
This bill is only a stepping stone to even more amendments and subsidies for the nuclear power industry. The utter stupidity of our representatives in Washington is incredible.
How can people with so much power and information make such bad decisions?
The answer is that they are pretty much corrupted by a broken system of government. The corporate interests always win when profit is the dictator.

Since Lieberman and McCain are such good buddies, McCain has offered his support of the bill and that's really saying something because this guy doesn't vote much.
Who said support can be beautiful? And they both kissed Bush. Double yuck..

On Monday 6/2 I received a canvasing call from Audubon asking people to contact their Senators in support of this bill(John James Audubon must be spinning in his grave). I asked the caller if she knew the details of the bill but she was just employed to make the calls. I pulled a copy of N.C. Audubon for a phone #. The woman that answered also was not up on all the details and suggested calling the D.C. office which she looked up for me online as we spoke. I left a message with my name and #. The next day I received a return call message from Liz Pomper and I returned her call. I explained my disappointment that Audubon was supporting this misnomer of a bill and listed others like the NIRS and FOE that had substantial information for her to view if they needed more info. She said she was aware that not all the the environmentally active groups were behind the bill but that alot of them were. She admitted that it was not perfect but it was better than nothing and felt it be a stepping stone in the right direction. I stated yes it was a "stepping stone" but for more amendments and nuclear power. She said that amendments with more nuclear would make it a "poison pill" and it would never pass.
thanked her for her time and returning my call but that I did not agree and I felt they were on the wrong path. I again stated if you see Lieberman's name on a bill it demands closer inspection. She said would email me some more info but I have not received anything.
The next day I was in Seattle checking out the channels in my hotel when I came across an interview on Bloomberg with Lieberman and Warner talking about the bill. The last thing they said was this bill will provide more money to develop more nuclear power and Warner grinned and said "and that's carbon free energy". Go figure..

On another note... McCain had to reject support of two wacko evangelicals this week, Hagee and Parsley. McCain has proven he will say anything to get more support but so will Hillary.
So how will this play out for his bestus bud Lieberman?

Max Blumenthal did a piece "Ready for the Rapture" about Hagee and his delusional minions at a conference much like the one McCain appeared at for his endorsement but at this one covered by Max the special quests were Lieberman and DeLay.

There has been some speculation about McCain's choice for VP.
Who would make a better running mate than his bestus bud Joe?
( another side note.. I have to ask wtf was Gore thinking running with Lieberman? I mean damn!)

But Joe likes him some crazy about CUFI evangelicals, doesn't he?
And he is certainly crazy about Israel.
So I guess what I'm asking is will McCain reject Joe because of his association with Hagee and CUFI?
He and Hillary have alot in common. Go figure..

At the CREDO petition site there is a little box where you can add a comment along with your name and here is my comment..
"I find it hard to believe that with all the information and advisers at your disposal that you still even consider throwing away more money towards nuclear power and coal.
Alternative energy is the answer, NOT more of the same industries that are destroying the environment and this planet.
Step out of the building you are in and look up. There is your answer.
Now go back inside and do the right thing and kill this bill."

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