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Monday, November 22, 2004

My Fellow Americans

From Yahoo/80 percent of Canadians dislike Bush: poll.
I had to post a comment..

How can 60,645,844 people be so dumb?
You wanted it, you got it..4 MORE YEARS to watch Bush and his comrades screw the American people and our economy.
Thanks alot you deluded bunch of pinheads.

It's interesting this msg board has been going on since April. Even prior to our election the "Bushies" had a chance to learn from our neighbors and possibly reflect on the current state of affairs. But no, that would be a learning experience. After the 1st 4 years you would think with the benefit of hindsight we could have moved forward and begun to correct our mistakes.
Don't criticize Canadians just because they are more informed.
Stop for a moment and check the pulse of the world and the its economy.
Watch as Bush and his administration ruin all the credibility of America.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

What can you do with an open "can of worms"?

It's clear we made a mistake invading Iraq.
No doubt about it, has to be the poorest planned invasion of our time. Going in without an occupation or an exit strategy. Must be what it feels like to consider yourself "righteous".
It's clear after the attempts to make things right and put in place a system that will improve the quality of life; the Iraqis resent our presence. They show it on every news cast. They display their hatred and disregard for human life over and over w/suicide car bombs and w/the taking and execution of hostages. Totally unscrupulous lot.
Still we are an occupying force w/out a way out. Hostility should be expected.
But at what cost?
How many of our people have to sacrifice life & limb for an ungrateful cause?
How many hostages must be executed in this 3rd world sandbox before testing a neutron bomb?
I know this position may start to sound cold and even ruthless but I feel it may be time to respond in kind.
It is common procedure not to negotiate w/kidnappers but what if the next time they request we release some of their terrorist comrades we do so. Over a mosque or public arena from a chopper at about 1000 feet. Let them embrace Allah or whatever new world order they seek. The next time they behead a hostage, we behead a dozen.
Seriously we need a new strategy..
Sweep up the mess we've made so far and get the hell out.

It would be a noble concept for the Iraqis and or Muslims to take responsibility and police their own people. After all it is their aggression and terrorism around the globe which has brought the problems back to their door.

If you Zealots embrace the notion that your religion and beliefs are righteous with out err, then step up take charge and police your people and keep your house in order.
If not then don't be surprised by a visit from the world police.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Sins of the Fathers

In the news..old stuff actually..
Keyes was pushing for reparations for slaves' descendants to get tax exemption..
the Yahoo msg board had a wide variety of posts, mostly racial..
Touchy subject slavery, all thru history and all over the globe.
Usually motivated by greed or power and control; some captured in war or some other attempt at world domination.

..A history in brief..

One of the oldest civilizations with a long history of slavery. Often war captives or victims of kidnapping and sometimes they even sold themselves to pay a debt.
>Rome Republic & Empire..509bc-476ad..
Enslaved enemy captives sent to work farms and plantations. Millions were war captives or kidnapped in lootings.
>South & Southeast Asia, India, Thailand, Burma..bc-today..
Yes, still continues today when children are sold into bondage as forced labor.
Some nations still sell youth into prostitution.
>West Africa..900ad-1975ad..
They had slavery as part of the social environment long before the Europeans came to the region. Later a regional trade route across the Sahara traded slaves into the Mediterranean and Arab world. Then in the 15th century the Europeans became a customer to this existing network and African rulers earned great profits from
this network of slave trade. Some were slaves as war captives, criminals or people in debt but because of the demand from the Americas, eventually they resorted to raids and kidnapping.
>Spanish Main..1516-1880..
Began enslaving and slaughtering Native Americans thru disease and miserable conditions. The Spanish had an enormous need for labor in their silver & gold mines as well as the plantations and cattle ranches of Latin America. At one point in history a Catholic monk brought attention to the slavery and death of all the Native
Americans which made them "hands off". The Spanish then began to import millions of Africans to fill the void.
More than the British or Americans brought to the U.S.
Dominated the slave trade over 100 years. Traded huge numbers of Africans to English, Spanish and French colonies in the Americas.
>North America..Pre-Columbian-1865..
Several Native American tribes were the first on this continent to employ slavery in small numbers. The European/American slave market is one we are more familiar with. The slave market profited with shipping and trading that started in the north. Over time the slaves ended up working the plantations of the south, until the end of the Civil War(1865)when Lincoln freed the slaves.
Of coure there is much more(..ie.. Germany and the jews) but trying to keep it kinda brief.

With such a rich history of slavery over the globe; it really makes a tough argument;
Can the sons be liable for the sins of the fathers?
I think not. Better to learn from history, move forward and evolve.
Don't get stuck with delusions of a disparaging past.
In the words of Wolfgang Puck..Live, Love & Eat..

Monday, November 08, 2004

Post Election Blues

..Haven't felt to much like blogging since the election..
..still somewhat perplexed with the outcome..
I admit that I still don't get all the mumbo jumbo that it takes to digest politics..
I don't understand why it turns into a campaign of slurs and innuendo rather than actually carrying on a conversation about differences in opinion or policy..
I really don't get why there is still democrats and republicans and all the partisan grandstanding that goes with..seems like an out of date non-productive separation of causes..when you think of all the disadvantaged public that could use some help and support.. how this bunch of egomaniacs can spend so much on their political campaigns..they are so disconnected at times is hard to understand how they even got close to holding a political office..
I don't understand why we still use an electoral college any more than why we continue using the present convoluted tax system..
I try to get information from a variety of sources..primarily on TV w/Jon Stewart, Dennis Miller, Bill Maher, Tim Russert..I don't always agree with them but they make you think about controversial issues and inject a little humor along the way..I get a lot of info off the net w/Yahoo & Google news..sometimes USA Today, MSNBC and Reuters as well..I enjoy reading press from other countries like The Australian,The Guardian, Pak Tribune and Asia times to name a few..it's good to reflect on how others around the globe perceive U.S. culture and politics as well as the evolution of their own society..on occasion have scanned Andrew Sullivan's daily dish and w/him in mind;
last week on Bill Maher a couple of the guests had their shorts in a bunch; specifically Alan Simpson & Andrew Sullivan. Maher tried to ask questions about the outcome of the election and influence of "the Christian Right" but was slammed by both Simpson and Sullivan..neither made sense, they were both off on a tangent and very defensive asserting that Maher always makes fun of the Christians..Yeah well, what would Jesus do? Maher makes fun of almost everyone; I believe that's the point of the show.. It is supposed to be "politically incorrect".
The news commentaries suggest the election was influenced because of those concerned about moral values..which suggests a religious component and apparently more concerned about gay marriage than the performance of the president and his gallery of rogues.. did any of the Bushies read the news reports prior to casting a vote for more lies, deception, misinformation, conflicts of financial interest that only serve to fill the coffers of family and friends, out of control spending and gone from a surplus budget to the record $427 billion deficit?
Born again, War Mongering, Cabbage Mouth Lying Dictator elected by a bunch of DELUDED PINHEADS!!!
Did that cover everything or perhaps was it over the top?
Oh yeah by the way, THANK YOU ever so much for 4 more years of this crap!!!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Canada moves forward

In the news..Canada Renews Bill to Decriminalize Pot Possession..

It is encouraging when rational people evolve and move forward towards personal freedom. I do regret that the U.S. hasn't seen the light.
The U.S. war on drugs is ludicrous and hypocritical when you consider aid to rebuild Afghanistan when their chief export is heroin. The U.S. is turning into a nation of prisons because of dope. Old world thinking is holding us back.
!!!FREEDOM!!! Do you understand the concept or the meaning?
It's on every politicians lips as they clamor over the state of the world.
Our forefathers tried to warn us what happens when government gets too big. We have so many problems to deal with in the world and in our own backyard. Why elevate the issue over dope to the level of a "Drug War"? All the money, manpower and time wasted for something as backward as "prohibition". If we don't learn as we go then we are destined to repeat out mistakes.
I guess Canada will get a lot of feedback from the pinheads in the American political machine. All the PC crap from the media and the politicians can be overwhelming. The U.S. has real concerns about our borders and the lack of control but it ain't about pot. Big brother has some screwed up priorities. On one hand there is alcohol and then there's tobacco(modern pharmacology defines nicotine as a poison)which are still enjoyed as a personal freedom. Alcohol already went a round w/Big Brother and tobacco seems to be getting less and less popular, but the point still is freedom of choice.
I admit there are a lot of drugs that are scary and dangerous but that doesn't mean you can throw blanket legislation over all of them. It's not logical rational thinking and it's not fair for those who choose to smoke weed, hash or any of the organics of choice. Again "choice" being the key word.
Around the world citizens imbibe in their drugs of choice over thousands of years. Some for recreational use and some as part of a religious experience. Call it what you want but for eons man has walked the planet earth with a buzz.

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