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Friday, December 31, 2010

Can we do unto others?

Merry Christmas, oops that was last week.
Well then have a Happy New Year... Be safe people...
Do good, be nice, have fun...

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Big Day in the Senate

In the Senate they broke a filibuster record and passed everything.
>The 9/11 First Responder Health Care Bill...
>The START nuclear treaty with Russia...
> They repealed Don't Ask, Don't Tell...

Made this the most productive "Lame Duck" session in decades. You gotta love the 'in your face' and 'eat crow' aspect to the "party of NO".
Pretty impressive as I thought the Senate was pretty much broken, corrupted and beyond repair.
I hope they have a nice Xmas, well at least all of them except the lowlifes who voted against giving the 1st responders health care.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

9/11 First Responders Health Care Bill

There is a health care bill for 9/11 1st responders being blocked in the Senate. The same way many bills & appointments have been held up by Republicans and some Blue Dog Democrats virtually bringing the legislative process to a halt. You wouldn't think partisan politics would play a role in denying 9/11 1st responders the health care they desperately need.
It's 9 freaking years after the event that put these peoples lives in jeopardy and they are dying as a result.
What kind of lowlife would play politics while the 9/11 1st responders suffer?
Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK)... He's not alone, he's just the the one in front of the camera this time.

Do you remember in the 2008 election campaign for president how the Republican parade of idiots took every opportunity they had to bring up the tragedy of 9/11?
It was obscene the way they tried to wrap themselves in a flag, salute Reagan and justify their false flag "War on Terror" as only demented neocons can. Most of those guys wear their religion on their sleeve and talk of "family values" and being a "compassionate christian".
Absolute BULLSHIT! These people wouldn't know compassion if it bit them on the ass.

The real problem stems from Bush and his ruthless appointees. Most of them not qualified for the appointment but willing to get in there and serve at the pleasure of their president.

from wikipedia...Early statement by Christine Todd Whitman

On September 18, 2001, EPA administrator Christine Todd Whitman told the public, via a press release, "We are very encouraged that the results from our monitoring of air-quality and drinking-water conditions in both New York and near the Pentagon show that the public in these areas is not being exposed to excessive levels of asbestos or other harmful substances" and that "Given the scope of the tragedy from last week, I am glad to reassure the people of New York … that their air is safe to breathe and the water is safe to drink."

Even some guys at Fox News know how wrong the Republicans are for playing political games with these peoples lives..

Monday, December 13, 2010

Bernie Sanders Takes A Stand

Senator Sanders opposes the Obama capitulation tax deal so much that he takes a stand for 8 1/2 hours addressing the problems with extending the Bush Tax Cuts and other improprieties in Washington. (full transcript here..)

Most economists agree that extending the Bush Tax Cuts is bad economics. As usual these bills are complicated and multifaceted. One very problematic part of the bill is that it could compromise Social Security.

If you want to know more follow this link to Democracy Now.
This bill is just wrong, it's bad and it stinks.

Majority of One...
by Ralph Nader
The Senate passes Capitulation Bill 81-19... Oy!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Assange is arrested!

Julian Assange has been arrested in London. Charges were brought against him several months ago but they were withdrawn only to resurface when the diplomatic cables were released.
The suspicious stench of politics.

I hope people understand what is really going on here. Once again the US assumes the right to control power and the flow of information, this time by choking off Wikileaks access to a free and open internet. Wikileaks has been forced to jump from server to server and at the same time had their donation links removed. If this ain't a witch hunt than I don't what is.
You may or may not agree that Wikileaks as well as the other media that have released the leaks (The Guardian, The New York Times, El Pais and Der Spiegel) has a right to but you have to admit there is something very disturbing when an authoritarian government reaches out and threatens freedom of speech, freedom of the press and net neutrality all at once.

A request that answer to charges of a sexual nature have come forth from Sweden.
In London Mr. Assange surrendered to the authorities.
Thank you Interpol and Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard for taking the political bait and promptly down the wrong path!

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Freedom Fighter or Terrorist?

You may have heard the phase "One man's freedom fighter is another man's terrorist".
Wikileaks has stirred up a shitstorm with it's document dumps. Wikileaks scoops include the Apache helicopter attack on civilians in Iraq, the Afghan & Iraq war logs and now diplomatic cables, aka "cable gate". This has all the usual suspects panties in a bunch especially Hillary. Demonstrating once again how the Obama administration has carried on with some of the same underhanded bullshit as BushCo. Hillary is as guilty as Condoleezza for ordering US diplomats to engage in espionage in the UN, which is a violation of the international covenants that the US agreed to.
The man behind Wikileaks is Julian Assange and he is being demonized as a terrorist for providing/publishing leaked info furnished by whistle blowers. Most of the repressive regimes on the planet have aligned to put a strangle hold on the flow of information (aka-the truth) and not only making it difficult for Wikileaks to maintain a base from which to publish but also a barrage of threats from extremists to label Mr. Assange a terrorist and calling for his arrest, prosecution and even execution.

The meatheads & hypocrites are lining up to label Mr. Assange a threat but of course the same miscreants stood behind Bush, Cheney and even Scooter Libby.

I think the man is a high tech terrorist…he’s done enormous damage to our country and to our relationships with our allies around the world, and he should be prosecuted, said Mitch McConnell.
"damage to our country", really? Our foreign policy is damaging to our country. You can't invade another country and kill civilians without repercussions. It's called blowback dumbass.

Mike Huckabee said: ..."Whoever in our government leaked that information is guilty of treason, and I think anything less than execution is too kind a penalty."
This little nugget from a former preacher, hypocrite and compassionate christian.

again from the Raw Story.."The guy who runs the website is a sleazeball named Julian Assange, who is bent on damaging America. Since he's not a U.S. citizen, it's hard for American authorities to move against him," O'Reilly continued. "But we can prosecute those who leak the documents to Assange."
Bill O'Reilly calling Mr. Assange a "sleazeball... Ha ha, pot meet kettle.

We need more transparency and less collusion. Freedom of speech is supposed to be protected as well as making sure that the press is free to uncover cover-ups and abuses of power.
from wikileaks.." Publishes and comments on leaked documents alleging government and corporate misconduct."
That's a good thing, right?

The link is on again/off again but is was wikileaks.org for future reference. Also try to Google cablegate.

from msn..."The ouster came after congressional staff questioned Amazon about its relationship with WikiLeaks, said Sen. Joe Lieberman, an independent from Connecticut.WikiLeaks confirmed it hours after The Associated Press reported that Amazon's servers had stopped hosting WikiLeaks' site. The site was unavailable for several hours before it moved back to its previous Swedish host, Bahnhof AB."

Presidential candidate, Barack Obama promised “transparency” in government.
Well not so much yet. Filed under 'still waiting'.

Wikileaked diplomatic cables...
Don't Shoot the Messenger...
OP/ED by Julian Assange... "Prime Minister Gillard and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have not had a word of criticism for the other media organisations. That is because The Guardian, The New York Times and Der Spiegel are old and large, while WikiLeaks is as yet young and small.
We are the underdogs. The Gillard government is trying to shoot the messenger because it doesn't want the truth revealed, including information about its own diplomatic and political dealings."

"The US diplomatic cables reveal some startling facts:

► The US asked its diplomats to steal personal human material and information from UN officials and human rights groups, including DNA, fingerprints, iris scans, credit card numbers, internet passwords and ID photos, in violation of international treaties. Presumably Australian UN diplomats may be targeted, too.

► King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia asked the US to attack Iran.

► Officials in Jordan and Bahrain want Iran's nuclear program stopped by any means available.

► Britain's Iraq inquiry was fixed to protect "US interests".

► Sweden is a covert member of NATO and US intelligence sharing is kept from parliament.

► The US is playing hardball to get other countries to take freed detainees from Guantanamo Bay. Barack Obama agreed to meet the Slovenian President only if Slovenia took a prisoner. Our Pacific neighbour Kiribati was offered millions of dollars to accept detainees."

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