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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Political Circus

The MSM is all a twitter.
Every other day another candidate tosses the proverbial hat into the ring. Seems like so much wasted time and money in a race for political office and all the rewards they have come to expect.

The race starts sooner each time. Kinda like XMas displays popping up around Halloween.
We used to be spared this commercial frenzy until after Turkey Day.
But the similarities are significant. Sell, sell, sell...
Selling a candidate or a holiday, both takes money, advertising, planning and more money.

I watched Bill Maher interview John Edwards and Maher brought up an interesting point about the $150 million target and then get federal matching funds. So $150 mill ain't enough or not even $300 mill(with the match).
Most will probably spend in excess of $500 mill.
Edwards said he wouldn't accept the federal funds but you can bet that won't apply to the others.
Campaign finance reform has to be right around the corner... Right?
One other thing about Edwards is that he seems sincere, even when talking about a plan for universal health care that would require RAISING TAXES...
This is a sore subject with me and one I can't get behind Edwards on.
I've preached about the problems with "business as usual politics".
Raising taxes is not an answer to the problem.
Closely monitoring spending would be a start.
Cut out the waste, the bullshit earmarks and paying politicians who don't perform.
Stop subsidising big corporate profits with tax breaks.

If you have never seen Ben Cohen on Tavis Smiley talk about the defense budget, you need to. Then perhaps you too will see where is the money for the stuff we really need.

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