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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Lieberman and Friends

Max Blumenthal's "Rapture Ready" video is a MUST SEE!

The story of Fundamental (emphasis on mental) Christians that support Israel in preparation for the Rapture and the dangerous politicians that have no qualms about sucking up to fanatics for political support.
Watch it.. it's kinda scary!

Lieberman is dangerous as are religious extremists. These events and the attitudes of some people fortify my paranoia as to an impending war with Iran.

It's seems ironic that Lieberman supports Israel/AIPAC to a fault and the Hagee minions see the alliance with Lieberman and Israel as necessary steps to Armageddon.
There has been a pattern where people of power (from popes to politicians) cynically utilized religion as a means of manipulating the ignorant masses.

I thought Christians believe that we should love our enemies and respond to evil with kindness.
Is that what brings the likes of Lieberman, De Lay & Santorum together with John Hagee?
Is it love for your enemy or because Lieberman, De Lay & Santorum are evil?
They appear to have more in common then realized.
Lie down with dogs and get up with fleas.

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