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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

InJustice for All

Yes I do MEAN injustice. Or if you wish then a lack of justice or even unjust.
Hell I could have just titled this rant "The Price of Justice".

The MSM is having a feeding frenzy because Paris Hilton has been in and out jail. Poor, poor little Paris... Wait, Wait, that just doesn't sound right.
But then again the message is lost if using Rich, rich little Paris.

The rich aren't subject to the same rules as the rest of us, apparently.
Maybe she should call George and Laura Bush.
George can advise her how to handle the DUI and Laura can advise her how to avoid prosecution and jail time. Why you ask?
Because George knows drinking, partying and DUI's from personal experience.
The big ONE is Laura had a car wreck when she was a teenager and killed a guy!
No arrest, no prosecution, not a fine nor a criminal record... NADA, ZIP...
There is no statute of limitations for the prosecution of manslaughter... Right? Well, we can only hope.
Had these events unfolded for me(as a freckle faced teen) I would probably still be in jail.
Just imagine how the events would have unfolded for a Black or Hispanic young person.

and back to Paris...
September 6 she was pulled over and arrested for driving erratically.
September 26 she was charged with misdemeanor driving under the influence.
20 days later she is charged??? Man o Man what can an attorney do for you?

OK again, anybody else, any regular Joe would be off to jail and all the trimmings that go with a DUI... IE... fingerprinted, car impounded, bond set before a judge, possibly held overnight in the drunk tank, fines, high risk insurance and either a suspended or revoked licence.
But things such as these do not apply to the children of privilege, just ask the Bush family.

and back to Paris...
January 9 her lawyers enter "not guilty" pleas.
January 15 she is pulled over again and informed her licence is suspended for pending DUI and signs an acknowledgement stating "she is not to drive".
January 22 she pleads "no contest" to a reduced charge of alcohol-related reckless driving and she is placed on three years probation. Also ordered to enroll in alcohol education and pay a $1,500 fine.
February 27 she is again pulled over and ticketed for misdemeanor driving with a suspended license and a copy of the document signed Jan. 15 is found in her glove compartment.
March 29 the city's attorney say they will ask the judge to revoke her probation.
May 3 the prosecutor recommends 45 days in jail and the judge says OK.
WTF.. 45 days for violating 3 YEAR probation?
The rest is so much blah, blah, blah... she hires a new publicist and attorney then goes to church.
I guess she wasn't advised to enter rehab yet. Maybe later.
Getting photographed going to church is enough for now.

OK enough of the hard line approach. Time to be reasonable.
No one was hurt as a result of her many crimes. You would have thought someone was murdered the way the MSM jumped on the carpool to jail ride . Reminded me of OJ's ride across town in the white Bronco. I don't see why people like Paris or even Martha Stewart had to be jailed. It costs the taxpayers money that would be better spent on more serious offenses and I don't mean drugs. That would just be more ignorance in motion.
Big fines and TONS of community service. Let her serve meals at a soup kitchen for a couple years. If she likes driving so much give her a restricted licence, daylight only to be used delivering meals on wheels to the elderly. But jail doesn't seem reasonable to me no more than someone busted for dope.
What do you think?

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