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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Baited Racism

I remember the first time I saw Andrew Breitbart. One of the most charitable talk show formats has to be Real Time with Bill Maher because he will let almost anybody on and allow them to express themselves no matter how stupid they sound.
Proof in the pudding so to speak, Maher has repeatedly allowed Rep. Jack Kingston R/GA demonstrate that you don't have to be smarter than a fifth grader to take up space in Congess or sit at the table with the big kids on Real Time.
Back to my point, Maher has also allowed Breitbart to demonstrate that being a pundit doesn't necessarily mean they have to be smart. Breitbart came off agitated and immature. Like a teenager with ADD. He had rehearsed all the baseless talking points but had difficulty applying them in a real time conversation that actually made sense. (pun intended)
Like many other pundits Breitbart will talk over anyone who will let him rather than try and contribute to the conversation or actually answering the question. Watching him makes it difficult to understand how he has reached any position of importance in the media much less heading up his own endeavors. But he proves how badly that there is an urgent need for truth in media.
He and his minions were behind a flagrantly false report by the fake Pimp and his Ho that led to the deconstructing of ACORN. Breitbart is the news again, this time fabricating a story about Shirley Sherrod.

It is sad when stupid people can perpetrate a hoax on such a grand scale. In the ACORN fiasco Congress took the bait and jumped at the chance to defund ACORN without reason and without any real proof. With kneejerk speed Congress demonstrated that democrats can be as stupid as republicans. Fool me once shame on you....
And with the same indifference to logic & reason here comes the White House jumping on Shirley Sherrod with mob style mentality.

What is the learning curve in Washington?

This is an example of baited racism. We have seen it deployed over & over again by right wing nuts. Hannity, Savage, Limbaugh and serving a great big slice of stupidity is Glenn Beck. All these meatheads have suggested Obama is a racist. There is no logic behind the words that flow from the mouths of idiots.
Sure everybody is entitled to an opinion (me included) but in the media I would welcome the reimplication of the Fairness Doctrine.
We could use more truth in media and less crap.

Rachel Maddow & David Letterman discuss...

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Lies, Oil & Toxic Dispersants

Where is the truth?
As things get progressively worse in the Gulf I would really appreciate it if the media is given more access and that we begin getting some accurate news reports.
Stay back 65 feet or else.
I can't watch the Sunday political roundup because of all the bullshit and blatant lies. I can't watch Obama give speeches any more and I don't believe anything that comes out of the mouth of John McCain or Joe Lieberman.
Obama said "We are absolutely committed to working with (local and state officials) to do everything in our power to protect the Gulf Coast way of life so that it's there for our children, our grandchildren and our great grandchildren". And I say "Bullshit". They're committed alright, committed to cover ups and protecting corporate interests.
Then BP started burning sea turtles. Law suits were filed to get BP and the Coast Guard to stop burning off the oil and the critters caught in the collective pools.
Another example of why I don't trust them and I don't believe them.

The oil keeps coming and BP keeps spraying dispersants. Corexit is a toxin.
This makes no sense. They have been confronted but the spraying continues.
Who is in charge?

Check out ProjectGulfImpact on YouTube..
Here is one below.. There are 2 more worth your time...

Something is wrong with me. It's like I'm broken or at least impaired.
I've become so cynical it ain't even funny.
I keep waiting and hoping things will get better.
I must be nuts...

" I'm here to fight for truth, justice and the American way".
"...Superman where are you now
Everything's gone wrong somehow..."

from Land of Confusion, Genesis

And the threats keep coming...
27,000 abandoned wells in the Gulf...

Abandoned oil wells make Gulf of Mexico 'environmental minefield'

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