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Sunday, October 29, 2006

elect who ?

lost ball high weeds .. which way to go .. who do you choose, the lesser of two evils?
great, just great.. it really burns my ass that there aren't more parties with more choices..

watching the ads start heat up.. sometimes funny, sometimes just stupid..
"business as usual"..the politics of slurs and innuendo, forget about the issues..
like Ford in TN, the one with the girl that says "met him at a Playboy party.. Call me"..
some don't' like it because they say it's cheap and sleazy..
some don't like it say that it's racial..
pshaw, it does come off kinda stupid, I'll give it that.. but not racial.. not just because of the party girl being white.. let me check the year on my calendar.. Yea it's 2006 not 1960.. white chick, black guy, no big whoop.. you see it every day on TV.. all over Hollywood, the music industry and what about sports? Ubiquitous I believe..

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