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Friday, September 21, 2007

Knee Jerk Legislation

Once again when the opportunity arose, when given another chance to make some corrections within this broken system we call a government, our representatives failed to represent. So upset they were because of an ad that questioned the info fed to us by the White House that the Senate felt they needed to pass a bill. A bill that in my mind only puts restrictions on the right to free speech and as empty a gesture by our law makers as their righteous indignation over flag burning or gay marriage. All this grandstanding and drama for bullshit political issues based on an opinion.
MoveOn had an ad that questioned General Petraeus and his report from Iraq.
What the MoveOn ad suggested with a pun was "General Petraeus or General Betray Us?"

In 2003 I had reached the point I wanted to scream every time some neocon mouthpiece attempted to regurgitate more bullshit about progress in Iraq. It's hard watching these clowns day after day waiting on the next progress report or taking vacations for a month at a time, all the while people are dying in Iraq because of the US occupation.

Who in their right mind was still waiting on "The Petraeus Report".
It's a White House Press Release!
Who do you think wrote it? Crocker & Petraeus!

The feigned offense displayed again only serves as a distraction from real issues.
The real issue is still the US occupation of Iraq. But no the Senators couldn't pass a bill that might actually support the troops by getting them out or more time off between deployments.
Who supports the troops? Obviously not the Senate.
When are they going to stop pouring money into Iraq?
When are they going to impeach Cheney and Bush?
What are they waiting for? A war in Iran.
Cheney should be locked up and his assets frozen. And that should also include any Halliburton/KBR accounts.
He should be impeached and then dehorse the cowboy wannabe.
Freeze their assets, incarcerate and impeach..ASAP!

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