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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

TED 2010

For anyone interested in science, the arts, humanity and that kind of heady stuff, the TED 2010 convention begins in California Wednesday Feb. 9th.
Tune in, turn on, it's worth your time. Some very bright and inspirational people talk and share.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

3 things

We have seen the Supreme Court side with corporations, again.
On Jan.21st in the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission case the ruling was 5-4 to open the door to corporations unlimited spending in political campaigns. Corporations already control most of the events in politics & legislation, this decision just makes it legal for them to buy elections.
These 5 right wing conservative judges took it upon themselves to undermine the Constitution and laws that held corporations in check from 100 years ago. This has to be the worst decision since those partisan hacks gave Dubya the election in 2000.
What we need is campaign finance reform and this ain't it.
How they got to that decision is as disturbing as the decision itself. This case was supposed to be about a movie, critical of Hillary, that Citizens United wanted to release during the campaign but instead these judges took a more 'activist' role in removing corporate restrictions.
The bottom line is that corporations are not entitled to the same rights as people.
"A corporation, by contrast, is not only not human, it is property."

Some things that bothered me in Obama's State of the Union Address.
When he talked about energy and "to focus on clean energy" but in the next breath the dumb ass is talking about "clean coal" and "clean nuclear power".
Somebody please tell him to STFU about "CLEAN COAL"! It's an oxymoron you moron.
He has way too many corporate alliances dictating stupid self destructive policy.
The coal industry hasn't invested in the R&D to sequester carbon, why should we?
The coal industry has enjoyed big profits while raping the environment with little or no oversight and no stiff penalties. Polluters should pay!
Nuclear power costs too much and without subsidies it can't support itself as a viable business.
The plants are expensive to build, expensive to operate and expensive to remove, all the while producing a toxic waste that apparently is a huge security concern as well as a threat to the environment.
The oceans are in trouble. Polluted, over fished and dead zones from runoff but he is talking about "opening new offshore areas to oil & gas development". Really, this is your strategy.
If we wanted to embrace this level of stupidity we would have elected "Drill baby drill" Palin.
Good god this guy is a disappointment!

I have just learned of the DLC (Democratic Leadership Council). The DLC was formed in 1985 in what primarily seems like a move to bring Democrats and corporations closer. Previously the Republicans served at the pleasure of corporations while the Democrats (used to be) representing the average guy and a more progressive agenda. It's not like that anymore as was demonstrated by Clinton with NAFTA or Obama and the banking industry or big pharma or health insurance companies.
My awakening came from an interview with Jeff Cohen on The Real News Network.
They explain (expose) where Obama comes from and this is a real eye opener and a must see.
This link to TRNN and a 4 part interview.

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