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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Campaigns and Debate

Welcome to the campaign trail. Each candidate will either fight or perform tricks for your entertainment. The media and their pundits would have you think, a fight was a brewin'. After each debate they would try to ascertain who "won".
Between the ad campaigns and the debates it seems more important to focus on events from the past. I'm disappointed when it comes down to slurs and cheap shots. I expect more from these people because of what they elude to represent. I don't want to hear them repeat the same crap over and over..ie..Kerry went to Viet Nam or that Bush couldn't be found in the Guard. I would appreciate some cold hard facts. Statistics about where we are as a country and what's next. Could you hope for an evolution of ideas and policy.
Kerry seems to feel he has to continue to defend coming back from Nam and protesting the war. Hello Bush and Swift Boat boys; free country, free speech. Love it or leave it, but get over it. These issues of the past are just more of the distractions delivered to take your mind off the point of any real issue. Bush has so much to defend during his term, it's hard to believe he would want to open the door to past screwups. Everytime I hear Bush and his people try to condone invading Iraq; I am truly amazed at the arrogance and lack of character displayed. The truth would serve them well. Alas the truth is lost on Bush, Cheney & Rice. No wonder Powell wants out.
Let's all focus on catch phases and favorite spin terms..ie..'We've turned the corner", "Weapons of Mass Destruction", Sept. 11th, "Global Test", "hard work", "America is safer". Are you used to being bombarded with commercials? It pays to advertise.
It is so hard to comprehend the amount of money raised and spent on campaigns only to flushed down the toilet for political gain. Tell me we don't have problems establishing priorities.

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