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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Warning! Do Not Elect the Extremists!

As we move closer to the elections I would ask that you beware of idiotic double talking extremists. There are a lot of them out there.
I am aware, as I hope you are, we have a broken system of government that is dominated by two parties that have moved farther from representing the will and the needs of people than ever before. The frustration of the people and disdain for these two parties has brought forth a slew of idiots & extremists. Often we are left with the feeling our votes are cast for the lesser of two evils and that sucks. The last time around I was so worried that there were too many people prepared to vote for McCain/Palin that I voted for Obama. Oy..
Even though McCain/Palin would have been worse, Obama has revealed that he is no better than a Clinton (take your pick, either one) and the fact remains Obama is no progressive.
We need a more open ballot system, more Naders and to stop this never ending cycle of political whores.
That said we are going to have to ask tough questions with all these nutjobs on the ballots.
Beware of the extremists as they will only make things worse.

"You are entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts."
Lawrence O'Donnell

Do you remember?
Hold your nose and vote...

Sunday, October 17, 2010


No More Bank Bailouts Period!
First things first, prosecute from the top down and confiscate all the ill gotten gains. Too much time has gone by with these banking miscreants rewarding themselves with the biggest bonuses ever. These banksters perpetrated the biggest ripoff of the taxpayers in history and it is way past time for justice to be served.

The corporate whores of the Senate are poised for Round Two of bank bailouts
and we can't allow that to happen again.

The Dept of Justice and the SEC should have been processing the criminals behind the fraud that all but collapsed our economy since 2008 but NOOooo, there are apparently two systems of justice, one for me and you and one for the "too big to fail" wealthy elites.
Let's get the ball rolling by putting Bush appointee Hank Paulson behind bars. It really bugs me that these guys are still running free, enjoying life and all the money they made for themselves and their cronies.
from the Daily Bail ...

Also from the Daily Bail ...
<"Marcy Kapture Sticks an IED Inside Paulson and Then Presses 'Boom'>

More questions that demand answers...

Here's the proof so let's get started... Anybody?

Saturday, October 02, 2010

The Gulf Coast is Dying

The toxification of the Gulf doesn't get enough coverage.
There is a huge cover up in play.
First it was BP's lies about the series of events that led to the Deepwater rig exploding and then they lied about the volume of oil being released.
Then came the White House reassuring the public that they were on top of things and monitoring the situation. Absolute bullshit!
The Coast Guard led by Thad Allen watched BP's back as they sprayed Corexit dispersant everywhere. Corexit is a neurotoxin. It is illegal to use Corexit in the UK but our own EPA watched as BP sprayed Corexit everywhere. After a month the EPA suggested that BP use a less toxic dispersant.
Here is the clincher, BP DID NOT follow logical methods of collection & containment.
What should have been done is position super tankers to suck up the oil as it escaped. Use skimmers to collect the oil that makes it to the surface and protect the coastline with a closely monitored and constantly repositioned system of the orange oil booms.
What BP did was spray Corexit across the the water and the coastline as well as deep in the ocean at the mouth of the spewing well. BP sprayed Corexit everywhere and on everything to cover up how much oil escaped.
There is a list of of those that openly lied, attempted to control & cover up the flow of information, were enablers and those that were just complicit by inaction.
The Feds- those that protect, investigate and prosecute.
The White House with all the spins and misinformation.
Agencies that failed to do their jobs- the EPA, NOAA, MMS (Dept of the Interior)..
The Coast Guard under the command of Admiral Thad Allen..
At the root of all problems BP, Halliburton,and TransOcean..
Blood of the Earth- Part 1

Blood of the Earth- Part 2

quote from interview "Coast Guard Commandant Admiral Thad Allen should be fired. Right now this minute before he can give another press conference to echo what BP said not 5 minutes before him. Then he should be court martialed and sent to prison before BP can give him a goddamn job."
Blood of the Earth- Part 3

Rep Ed Markey..." I think NOW we are beginning to understand that we cannot trust BP."
Blood of the Earth- Part 4

History repeats itself...
Blood of the Earth- Part 5

quote from Robert Gibbs..."They (BP) are responsible and we are overseeing to insure that what they are doing is what needs to be done."
Blood of the Earth- Part 6

quote from 60 Minutes report..."There are plenty of accusations to go around, BP pressed for speed, Halliburton's cement plugs failed and TransOcean damaged the blowout preventer".
Blood of the Earth-Part 7 ( Very important details here)

quote... " So we elected a government contractor as vice president (Cheney).."


Blood of the Earth- Part 8

More cover up details and the media blackout...

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