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Monday, February 20, 2012

The Threat of Neocons

Somebody wants to attack Iran... Take a guess...
If you guessed Israel you would be right. There is this unholy alliance between the US neocons and Israel and Israel would like to put in motion a preemptive strike on Iran.
Sabres are rattled, fists pound the table and Israel either wants the US to back them up or take the lead in another preemptive strike on a foreign country. Just like the US did in Iraq, make up a bunch of shit, serve it up to your puppets in the main stream media, whip up some hysteria and start a war.
We can't afford to ignore that this scenario with Iran is a mirror of the wreckless preemptive and criminal conflict started by the Bush Administration; those neocons; in Iraq.

Iran has a nuclear program which they say is for energy. Go figure, apparently they haven't been following the meltdown in Japan. The UN has addressed the issue of Iran having a nuclear program that pursues weapons and decided on sanctions rather than start a war. Because you know how sanctions effect the bureaucrats of a government. Well sanctions don't usually affect those with the wealth or the power, they are usually just rough on the people.

Iran hasn't invaded another country in over 150 years...
Can the US or Israel say the same thing ?

The US and Israel are putting them between a rock and hard place. The US has been fighting in Iran's back yard for over a decade so they have good reason to be defensive.
The US & Israel both giant hypocrites.
The US & Israel both guilty of war crimes.

You have to ask who is pulling the strings that enable the neocons and their path to violence & destruction?

Here in the US our government suffers from a plague of lobbyists. Israel's lobby is AIPAC.
Israel has received a whopping $3 BILLION a year in aid from the US. That's the number that is openly budgeted for Israel but that ain't the bottom line. Billions more in economic & military aid. Weapons and more money hidden in the DoD budget.
A conservative estimate of aid given to Israel from 1949 -2000 is
$91 BILLION !!!

Is it any wonder we can't afford Medicare for all ?
Oh no, that's not in the budget.

Israel beats the war drums, AIPAC begins to bark and their minions in the US government stand at attention and ready to serve. IE- Lieberman (CUFI supporter), the Clintons, Schumer, Cantor, Santorum, Reid & Pelosi, etc (many more, OY). This perverse loyalty to Israel crosses party lines unlike any other issue. It's like a disease.


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