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Thursday, September 18, 2008

I Fear the Neocons!

I fear the neocons!
Don't you?

Scott Ritter is exactly right. If left to their own devices they will employ nuclear devises and open the door to an apocalyptic nuclear response. The nuclear genie WILL NOT go back in the bottle and the contamination will be shared by the entire world. As Mr. Ritter states go ahead, "pick your city" because there will be a reprisal as the necons "march down this path of insanity".
The neocons CANNOT be trusted.

BushCo has already crossed this line with use of "bunker busters" in Iraq contaminated with depleted uranium and just to make things interesting they also sell them to Israel. These weapons are as illegal as the US occupation of Iraq or Israel's occupation of Palestine and these actions are considered crimes against humanity by the UN.

You have to wonder what are they thinking and who do they serve?
I realize the primary motive is to feed their Lord and Master (the Military Industrial Complex) but do they have to kill so many people and pollute the planet all for corporate profit?
Part of the problem is when you appoint people to power that have dual citizenship. They clearly have another agenda that doesn't have anything to do with protecting the USA and the safety of the citizens.

Dual Citizenship- Should we be worried?
You damn right we should!
Check out the link above.. This list is a long one and most hold positions in US government with devout loyalties to Israel.
All the PNAC boys have more loyalty to the Israel lobby than the US and you know what a great job they have done manipulating media and events towards the occupation of Iraq. With boneheads like Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle giving advise and writing policy , the icing on the proverbial cake that celebrates 'Dumb Ass' is indeed a dumb ass extraordinaire, Douglas Feith.
On the other hand even more disturbing is Chertoff who has no business heading up Homeland Security and Mukasey has no business being the Attorney General. The threat of dual citizenship and the security of this nation reflected in that here are two dangerous people that hold dangerous positions of power.
Admittedly I am confused, does this reflect how perverted the republican agenda is or the neocons?

Our system of government is so fucked up, the people in power are dangerous and the Congress won't do anything about it..
and again... The neocons CANNOT be trusted.

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