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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Israel and the USA.... Partners in War Crimes

Last week the House and the Senate voted to continue backing Israel's assault on Palestine.
Again the majority in these governing bodies continue to show their complete disregard for the rule of law. They have funded the same offenses in Afghanistan and Iraq.
The members of the Senate that voted, voted unanimous support for Israel.
Congress had five members who stood strong against all "the tools that serve AIPAC" and they should be applauded.
Dennis Kucinich, Ron Paul, Gwen Moore, Nick Rahall & Maxine Waters.
There were 22 DINO's that voted "Present", which pretty much means they didn't have the balls to vote NO and there were 16 that did not vote, for whatever reason.

Just so you know, the biggest "tool" in the Senate to sponsor the bill, Harry Reid. And the biggest "tool" in the Congress to sponsor the bill, Nancy Pelosi.
Seriously Reid and Pelosi (along with a bunch of others) need to go ahead and secure their new lobbyist job and be shown the revolving door out!
We don't need their politics.
This kind of legislation is a waste of time in light of all the problems and concerns we face today but on another level reveals the complete lack of a moral compass in certain members of these governing bodies.

The US has been complicit in enforcing the rule of law.
Israel receives approximately $3 billion in Military Aid from the US.
IE.. F-16s, Apache helicopters, TOW missiles and bunker busters.
The Arms Export Control Act states, Weapons from the US to be used for "internal security" and "self defense" with in its own borders.
"Bunker busters"(sometimes called mini-nukes) are in violation of international law(NNPT) because they contain depleted uranium which contaminates the area with radiation. The US used them in Iraq and sold them to Israel who is now using them in Palestine.

Listen to another voice of reason... Please..


This shit has got to stop!

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