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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Quest for an Empire

In the following video Congressman Ron Paul (aka Dr. No) asks "What if".
He addresses the fundamentals of a failed foreign policy. Wise words that should not be ignored.



When the democrats took back Congress I thought the message was clear, 'Get Out of Iraq'!
Apparently the message wasn't clear enough or it was just ignored.
When Obama campaigned he PROMISED to get us out of Iraq.
It appears talk is cheap and we are the chumps for believing there would be real change.

In all the speeches, with all the rhetoric and all the bullshit, the point is ignored but one thing is clear and it should be shouted from every rooftop until all our troops are brought home.
We are an occupying force and the people of Iraq and Afghanistan DO NOT want us there!
Our troops presence and the building of military bases in these countries only exacerbates the hostility towards the US. And that my friends is a real threat.

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