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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Presidential Immigration Amendment

I don't think we should keep amending the constitution w/the whims of change.
Politics and opinion are subject to change and not reason enough for an amendment.
The foresight the sculptors of our Constitution had was amazing.
Before monkeying w/another amendment we should consider the population explosion in other countries and our current problems w/immigration.
Europe is inundated w/Muslims and they are concerned the natives and their identity will be lost in the meld.
As others have pointed out we have the same problem w/Mexico.
When the landscape goes from diversity to domination, the native species may feel threatened.
This happens in nature and threatens the integrity of the existing environment. This is demonstrated in the European starling or Africanized honeybee.
Species that don't belong and threaten the quality of life as we know it. Some were introduced and some snuck in..

I watched as Gonzales was questioned about his Torture Memo; repeatedly couldn't recall any details.
It looks like Dubya and his trainers have almost finished teaching Gonzales to dance.
Gonzales seems to fit right in (the shifty eyed little greaser) just like Dubya, Cheney and Rice.
Can't or won't own up. Can't or won't tell the truth.

Makes me wonder if Arnold could do any worse.

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