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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Canada moves forward

In the news..Canada Renews Bill to Decriminalize Pot Possession..

It is encouraging when rational people evolve and move forward towards personal freedom. I do regret that the U.S. hasn't seen the light.
The U.S. war on drugs is ludicrous and hypocritical when you consider aid to rebuild Afghanistan when their chief export is heroin. The U.S. is turning into a nation of prisons because of dope. Old world thinking is holding us back.
!!!FREEDOM!!! Do you understand the concept or the meaning?
It's on every politicians lips as they clamor over the state of the world.
Our forefathers tried to warn us what happens when government gets too big. We have so many problems to deal with in the world and in our own backyard. Why elevate the issue over dope to the level of a "Drug War"? All the money, manpower and time wasted for something as backward as "prohibition". If we don't learn as we go then we are destined to repeat out mistakes.
I guess Canada will get a lot of feedback from the pinheads in the American political machine. All the PC crap from the media and the politicians can be overwhelming. The U.S. has real concerns about our borders and the lack of control but it ain't about pot. Big brother has some screwed up priorities. On one hand there is alcohol and then there's tobacco(modern pharmacology defines nicotine as a poison)which are still enjoyed as a personal freedom. Alcohol already went a round w/Big Brother and tobacco seems to be getting less and less popular, but the point still is freedom of choice.
I admit there are a lot of drugs that are scary and dangerous but that doesn't mean you can throw blanket legislation over all of them. It's not logical rational thinking and it's not fair for those who choose to smoke weed, hash or any of the organics of choice. Again "choice" being the key word.
Around the world citizens imbibe in their drugs of choice over thousands of years. Some for recreational use and some as part of a religious experience. Call it what you want but for eons man has walked the planet earth with a buzz.

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