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Monday, November 22, 2004

My Fellow Americans

From Yahoo/80 percent of Canadians dislike Bush: poll.
I had to post a comment..

How can 60,645,844 people be so dumb?
You wanted it, you got it..4 MORE YEARS to watch Bush and his comrades screw the American people and our economy.
Thanks alot you deluded bunch of pinheads.

It's interesting this msg board has been going on since April. Even prior to our election the "Bushies" had a chance to learn from our neighbors and possibly reflect on the current state of affairs. But no, that would be a learning experience. After the 1st 4 years you would think with the benefit of hindsight we could have moved forward and begun to correct our mistakes.
Don't criticize Canadians just because they are more informed.
Stop for a moment and check the pulse of the world and the its economy.
Watch as Bush and his administration ruin all the credibility of America.

Bravo, jim.

I could not agree more.

Millions of Americans dutifully trudged to the polls to make sure that the "moral" Republican could continue running the country while the "evil" Democrat would be kept away from the reins of power.

They seemingly overlooked the fact that their "moral" Rightwing chapion cares NOTHING about the common man, and would go on to slash funding for virtually every program of benefit to The People, so that there'd be more to give to the huge Oil and Defense industries.

They made their choice....they will now suffer the consequences of the horrendously bad choice.
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