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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Aaron Swartz

Rest in peace Aaron Swartz.
A brilliant but fragile mind checks out.
He accomplished a lot and fought the "good fight" in his short time on earth. He was only 26.
Aaron was the co-founder of Demand Progress, RSS & co-founder of Reddit.
He was a computer activist, a visionary, a hacker and truly a nerd's nerd.

 "How we stopped SOPA" 


 Aaron battled with depression. Some blame the ruthless persecution of Aaron over the last two years by US Attorney Carmen Ortiz. A politician whose political pursuits possibly fueled the extreme felony charges leveled at Swartz. The threat of prison may have been the reason Aaron took his life.
There is a petition to remove US Attorney Ortiz.

But it was not Ortiz alone, she had an assistant, a partner in crime some might say.
The lead prosecutor Assistant US Attorney Stephen Haymann already had a history involving suicide to avoid prosecution. Aaron's lawyer said he told federal prosecutors that Aaron was a suicide risk and they responded  "put him in jail, he'll be safe there".

Counselor let's file this one under 'Cruel & Unusual Persecution'.

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