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Monday, May 21, 2012

Climate questions

We are on the precipice of a world of hurt. Seriously the whole world is in trouble because of global warming, climate change and the consequences of really stupid corporate influence in governments.
From Canada's tar sands projects to the USA & Mexico drillin' & spillin' in the Gulf. China has plans to build more coal fired power plants and Japan's PM is pushing to fire up another nuclear fiasco.
Stupidity remains in the driver's seat despite scientists & environmentalists crying foul for decades.

Here I pose some questions that seem all too cliche.
Do the powers that be lack hindsight?
Is the rear view mirror optional?
Can leaders lead, learn from the past and move forward?
Do they understand Einstein's definition of insanity?
There appears to be a massive learning curve.

The definition of ignorance is a lack of knowledge and stupidity is when knowledge is ignored.

I have to applaud Germany taking the lead with really fantastic and encouraging progress in solar.
China & India are also exploring their options. I hope they choose to invest in solar and abandon the nukes & coal.

Interesting video. Thanks for posting it.

One of the biggest advances in solar, in my opinion, was a technology I saw at the National Renewable Energy Lab in Boulder, CO in 2008. They were doing concentrated solar but, instead of turning a turbine with the steam, they tapped directly into the heated liquid and converted heat energy to electric energy. The upshot was that this special liquid would stay hot through the night and provide energy when the sun wasn't shining.

Hopefully the U.S. will get behind solar much more aggressively in the upcoming years.
Your welcome and thanks for taking time to comment.
I remember an article in a magazine (Mother Earth News maybe) in the late '70s about a house in northern California living "off the grid" and I remember Carter putting a solar panel on the White House and Reagan taking it down. Our country seems to have problem "moving forward". But I too am "hopeful".
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