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Saturday, April 28, 2012

$$$ Wasting Money $$$

Money in politics is a sore subject. We desperately need campaign finance reform.
The Supreme Court has proven how this body is anything but "Supreme" and exacerbated an already polluted political process with the Citizens United ruling. Opening the doors for more "dark money" from corporations, secret donors and super pacs that will enable the purchase of power & influence in government. So much money wasted on politics that would better spent on real problems rather than egomaniacs.

It's no longer about a campaign leading to an election, from now on it's an auction.
In 2008 Obama spent $780 million.
The 2012 campaign is projected to be the most costly endeavor ever spending as much a $8 billion
and yes that's billion with a "b".

Begs the question "What could we do with $8 billion if it wasn't going to be blown on this election?

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