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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Karma Pays a Visit to an Infamous Lunatic

Good Morning !!!

Andrew Breitbart died last night. He was 43.

I know I'm a bad person but a big grin came across my face reading this news.
I feel bad for his family but if asked I might have felt bad for his family last week, last month, etc, just because he was what he was...
He was a nasty piece of work and the enabler of some factless assaults on good people and organizations.
Consider Breitbart's punk O'Keefe and the Fox News trolls that feed the delusions of the ignorant with a plethora of misinformation, none will be missed when they are gone.

Alec Baldwin referred to Breitbart as "A Festering Boil on the Anus of Public Discourse".
On point I have to say...

Yes it appears Karma has payed a visit to a troll.
Hey Karma if you are still aiming to clean up some "air pollution" might I suggest Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck or Sean Hannity to name but a few.
You can't swing a dead cat within the walls of Fox News without hitting some vacuous bag of snot. So have at it. News reports based on facts rather than propaganda is desperately needed.

“Good riddance to bad rubbish.” ― Rodma Philbrick

Apparently I'm not alone feeling no grief for Breitbart.
Here's some irreverent stuff from Matt Taibbi and the "Death of a Douche".

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