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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How Did We Get Here ?

There appears to be an awakening in progress and this is a good sign.
People around the world coming together and standing up to repressive regimes.
The Arabian Spring brought people out into the street, standing up to brutal dictatorships that have deprived them of basic human rights for decades. In Europe protesters rioted over austerity measures that clearly screwed people already struggling as they watched banks get a helping hand.
Here in America a broken system of government so corrupted by greed and corporate interests has driven a race to the bottom for 99% of the population.
Occupy Wall Street has morphed into an occupation movement of peaceful protesters across the US. No longer on just Wall Street "we the people" have come together in solidarity on a mission demanding the attention the 99% deserve and some real change.

Here Thom Hartman explains the way it used to be and how we got here...

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